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Uttarakhand Technical University 2010 B.A (Previous) The Structure of Modern English - Question Paper

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Univesity Name: Uttarkhand University
Paper name: The Structure of Modern English
Academic Year: 2010
Courses: B.COM. (Previous) exam

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Examination 2010 ECO- 03 (Elective Course/ ,Rwd Hio;de)

Management Theory iCEf d f1)|ur

Time: 3 Hours    Maximum Marks: 35

le; : 3 wt : 35

Note: Attempt Section A and Section B both. All questions carry equal marks.

Uit: d Vj [ nTUr [.Mr df gy dh ft, i iff iU d Vd leru g i

Section -A Hfix d

1. Distinguish between any two of the following :    (31/2x2=7)

Pnlafad e l fdug nT H vrj dllt, %

(a)    Coordination and Co-operation.

(b)    Line Organization and Line and Staff organization.

(c)    Formal and Informal Communication.

(d)    Strategic and Long Range Planning.

(v) ihm ,0 igdifjri i

(c)    IXBU rFTT j[f ,0 LVTQ IXBUi

(l) VfiPiRd ,0 vUTiPffjd irTfUf i (n) cgUifTd ,0 nW diH Piltui

2. Write short notes on any two of the following :    (3/x2=7)

lU+ufyRaa H l fdgf nf- ij ilsur ft-ifi lyRg, i

(a)    Break- Even Analysis.

(b)    Standard costing.

(c)    Span of control.

(d)    Functions of the informal organization.

(v) ih fONn fOyw i

(c) iHN iRc;;dUi

(l)    dT fOLTlj I (n) vUliPlRd IXBU d dT; I

Section -B HTTX- [

Attempt any three questions.    (7x3=21)

fd# Thu i"UT d mr? nhft,i

1.    What do you mean by management? What functions does the management perform? Explain.

ic/T l vTi d; ie>T t ? ic/r d }rt d; did fd; tiT t ? ie>ibd I

2.    Describe the importance of planning in an organization. State the limitations of planning.

,d IxBu e fUdtu d eto dT oT-i drft, i fUdtu dr leid cribd I

3.    What are the different sources of recruitment? State their advantages and limitations.

h-tT d ffT-u ITr d;t t ? mud yp-r ,0 levT dT' cribd I

4.    What is delegation of authority? Discuss the principles of delegation.

ITT dT iRdTdrtU DdT t ? iRddltU d fl) l-TI dh cdidT dhft, I

5.    What are the common barriers to effective communication in an organization? Explain briefly and state as to how these can be removed.

,d IxBu e iHnOr i*ft dr iihm cr/nd d; t ? ITi e ie>ibd Vj cribd fd b-t dl nj fd; t idT t ?

6.    Describe Herzbergs theory of motivation. What are the differences between Herzbergs and Maslows theory of motivation?

ttcX d fjiT f1)i-r dT o.Tu dhft, i ttrX ,0 ewT d vfriw d f1)l-r e DdT VTj t ?

7.    Define leadership. Enumerate the leadership styles and discuss explain the benefits and limitations of any one of these.

Uro dT f-nfTr drft, i Uro dr "Tfy;i cribd tftt bue l fdl ,d d yr>r ,0 leVT dr c;|[;i drft, I

8.    Define co-ordination. What are the objectives of co-ordination?

ieo;u dr ffiT drft, i ie-o;u d mnt"; d; t ?



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