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University of Delhi 2009 B.A History -II, set-II, .(Prog.), SOL, - Question Paper

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(This question paper contains 4 printed pages.]

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It.A. Prog./I <F.)


(Cultures in Indian Sub-continent)

(Admissions of 2006-2007 & onwards)

Maximum Marks . 100 yvfhfi : 100

Time : 3 Hours WFJ . 3


(Write your Roll No. on the top immediately on receipt of this question paper.)

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T*fFT W 3/77 3H<b Hfk>' frrffev /)

Note Answers may be written either in English or in Hindi; but the same medium should be used throughout the paper.

frft    VI ffaft Shift HWT $

ztferv; dfa-r wvt uFRt m mm ft    /

Attempt Five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Question No. 1 is compulsory. Attempt at least two questions from each Unit.

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SFFT    1 3fftw4 I UrfcfT    

cbH cb*1 <?t WFT cfQfvHJ I

1.    Write short notes on any 2 of the following: ff    fee'll    :

(a)    Prakrit Literature

(b)    Popular Theatre

.    77T-?

(c)    Chola Bronzes

tilH    - *llc?chHI


(d)    Progressive Artists


(e)    Culture as Communication

UNIT - I (?cf>T# - I)

2.    Critically examine the plural character of Indian culture.

VTRr f$fd    STT

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3. Trace the growth of Sanskrit language and literature.

fllRvM        M<-drl    I

4.    Discuss Amir Khusraus contribution to Indo-Persian literature.

eft    TfSRt    f%tT


5.    Examine the various forms of Bhakti-Sufi music.

wil' TRtSTTJT    I


UNIT- II (Tf - II)

6.    Discuss the meaning, form and function of Indian temples.

3t4, 7 y,|<ljT fFT    I

7.    Describe the architectural forms at Fatehpur Sikri. Can the complex be called a microcosm of the Mughal Empire ?

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Mfr-HK TTTtT 1-HlvrM     7 t ?

O    Cv

8.    Do von agree with the view that realism and naturalism are the hallmarks of Mughal Painting? Elaborate.

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fofwdl* t' I f%?rfR    I

9.    Discuss the role of court and community in the patronage of arts in India.

TT    RR    vrfEfTT 7F f%FT

O    Cn




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