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Bangalore University 2006 B.A Psychology V Sem, , -Industrial- - Question Paper

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US - 2893

V Semester B.A./B.Sc. Examination, December 2006

(Semester Scheme)

PSYCHOLOGY-VI Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Time : 3 Hours    Max. Marks : 60

Instructions: 1) All five questions are compulsory.

2)    Answer either *a and b or c and d.

3)    All answers must be written completely in either Kannada or English,

I. a)    rborteto <Dd0ft.    4

Explain the goals of organizational psychology.

b)    35artra    8

; Trace the historical developments of industrial organisational psychology.

I    OR

c)    oxjo> dLredd s3oec3 dd &edbd worteb    ?    4 What forces affect the nature of organisation ?

d)    dcxbrte* <Ddo&. dd d0r3s>rte*c& )d&.        8

o.    l '    "t

Explain Hawthorne studies and its implications.    . * -3-

II. a) d3    <oddesb ?    J    4

' S _e ro

What is job analysis ?

b) >d&. 8 Describe the methods used in job analysis.


c)    tso3 <aoddesb ? <9t3Fo> dd3J3j3oi> dDddesk ?    4 What is selection ? Explain the importance of an Application Blank.

d)    odrjdd    >ds&.    8 Discuss the various types of interview.

II. a)    >oddpi> ?    4

What is Training ?

Discuss on-the-job training methods for non-supervisory staff.

- 2893 .    '

c)    ?j)g <aodde?'?    4 What is Programmed learning ?

d)    sddtfd 3dz3e3oi)< dA dt3e3    8 Explain off-the-job method for managerial training.

Time : 3 H *Ins

a)    ?E>ccb?&.d >>$ 2S.<>rte>3s3)4 ?    4

c3    O

What are the different styles of leadership ?

b)    AJ3dJ325?y 5y.<?dErt ?ldJ3Sj dsSb >drte*3b )d0&.    8

'    '        _o    <

Explain the nature and types of social motives.


c)    adc& wzpsS.edefakrf) >dO&.    4

*    o(

Explain achievement motivation.

I.    a) od;

Mei b) ed; Wh



d) ws> Wh

II.    a) wd:


b) s>o Ex]


) STEjM rds'd a-d5 3o,dj)<DS)0>y.     8

c3    63

Explain Herzberg's two-factor theory.

a) dosid eed) d eO,3SO-?o02ood d) dccb 530>ridFdff s&ed sSedbd ' -f * -i>

dOrSSS&dfi) <ad&.    4

What is the effect of 'Knowledge of Results' and Supervisory Relations' on a person's performance ?

)) 5so>radF33roi> s&ed yoe&rte* sdd? >dO&.    8

Explain the impact of financial incentives on work performance.


n)3e&rteb-<aori3es> ?    4


What are incentives ?

Explain the types of non-financial incentives.





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