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Alagappa University 2007 M.Sc Computer Science INTERNET PROGRAMMING — LAB - Question Paper

Sunday, 17 February 2013 10:25Web

Examiner to choose and provide 1 ques. to every candidate.
1. (a) Develop a VB script to create a password called ‘‘Karaikudi’’ and check the validity of this password. Make provision to change it with a new password called ‘‘Alagappa’.
(b) Use database connectivity to create a table called learner with subsequent attributes : REGNO , NAME, CLASS YEAR. give for updating records and display the table contents.

2. (a) Develop a table called EMPLOYEE with attributes EMPNO, NAME DATEJOIN, SALARY, ALLOWANCES. give for updating and displaying the table.
(b) Write a Java Applet to display 1 of 5 images in the left extreme of the screen. give controls to switch from 1 to any other.
3. (a) Arrange to display an invitation of a forth coming function specifying the Venue, Date, Time and Name of chief guest using HTML -tags.
(b) Develop Java applet to create four frames and provides links in every of them to access any or all of the frames.

4. (a) Develop HTML codes to bifurcate the screen into frames and display pictures in every of them.
(b) Develop a table for a banking transaction showing ACCNO, NAME, ADDRESS, TYPEOFACC, BALANCE. give for updating the records and display the table.

5. Develop a web page containing your personal biodata, educational qualification, skills and abilities for use by a prospective employer.

6. (a) Develop a VB script to accept a password having alternate characters and numerals such as ‘‘k one a two r three a 4’’. organize to validate it and change it when needed. Display password.
(b) Develop a VB script to set up four frame where in the 1st and 3rd contain a picture and the remaining a few text. give control to switch from anyone to anyone else.

7. Develop a Java Program to learn the reservation from submitted by a railway passenger and display the details in a frame with improper text controls. Display the reservation chart of a day class - wise.
8. (a) Develop a VB script to display the current day and date. Your program should evaluate the difference ranging from two dates. provided the date of birth, it must evaluate the age by year, month and day.
(b) Describe the Java applet to draw filled parallelogram and ellipse.

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