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Banaras Hindu University (BHU) 2008 B.Sc Zoology (hons)part 3 - university paper

Thursday, 17 January 2013 04:45Web

functional anatomy of non chordates

time three hours full marks 75

ans five ques. including ques. one which is compulsory

illustrate your ans with suitable diagram wherever necessary

coloured diagrams are permitted

1_(A) =state weather the subsequent statement are actual or false giving in 2-3 phrases ;[marks5*1]

(a)bilateral symmetry is changed in gastropods to radial symmetry after coiling and torsion.

(b)sea cucumber exhibits remarkable power of autotomy and regeneration.

(c)the coelomoduct and nephridium are completely fused to form a simple funnel shaped structure called myxonephridium.

(d)excretory organ in Peripatus are segmentally organizes and are called metanephridium.

(e) Eulamellibranchiates are characterized by plaited and basket like gills.

(B) =_define the following- [marks 2*1]

(a) Typholosole

(b) green gland

(C)=differentiate ranging from the following- [marks4*2]

(a)gustatory and olfactory sensilla

(b)Mehlis' gland and Laurer's canal

(c) Pedipalpi and Chelicerae

(d) Enterocoelome and schizocoelome

2.- classify annelida giving their diagnostic characters and examples up to classes.[marks 15]

3.- what is polymorphism?discuss the significance of polymorphism in coelentrates[marks 15]

4.- what is the metamerism? explain its significance in invertebrates.[marks 15]

5.- define the water vascular system in Astarias.[marks 15]

6.- write short notes on the following;[marks 3*5]
(a) Palmella stage

(b) symmetry in Echinodermata

(c)coral reefs

7.-describe briefly the various larval forms of echinodermata. explain their evolutionary significance. [marks 15]

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