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Banaras Hindu University (BHU) 2006 B.Sc Botany (hons)part 3 - Question Paper

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microbiology and plant pahtology

time three hours full marks 75

ans five ques. every from part -A and part ,B part ,-C is compulsory all ques. carry equal marks sections_A

1_ what do u know about symbiotic nitrogen fixation? write in brief the special features diazotrophs [marks 15]

2. write short notes on any 2 of the following; [marks 7.5*2]

(a) agrobacterium

(b)secondary metabolite

(c) halobacterium

3 . write brief account of any tow of the following;[marks 7.5*2]




4.write a short account on different methods of microorganisms [marks 15]

part -B

5 .describe five mile stone in the development of the plant pathology and is scope. [ marks 7.5*2]

6. write brief notes on any 2 of the following; [ marks 7.5*2]
(a) blast in rice

(b)little leaf in brinjal

(c) PR protiens

7.write a short account on any 2 of the following[ marks 7.5*2]
(a) parasitism

(b) pathogenesis

(c)integrated disease management.

8. write a brief account of the important symptoms of the fungal disease and their control.[marks 15]

part c

9'attempt the following_ [marks 1.5*10]

(a) provide an example of phyto alexin_

(b)downy mildew of crucifers is caused by_

(c)wilt disease of tomato is caused by_

(d)nitrogen fixation is carried out by the enzyme_

(e)Trichoderma harizianum is an important biological fungal agent (true/false)

(f)fusaric acid is non specific vivotoxin (true/false)

(g)annual recurrence of wheat rust in Indo-Gangatic plain was discovered by_

(h)name any non scontaining amino acid

(i)write the name of any two growth inhibitory hormones

(j) provide an example of actual 1 substrate enzyme

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