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Awadhesh Pratap Singh University 2008 B.Sc Computer Science (OOP's) - Question Paper

Thursday, 17 January 2013 09:25Web

The ques. Paper consists of five ques. with optional ques..

All ques. are compulsory.

Maximum time limit for the paper is three Hours.

B.Sc (Part III) Examination-2008


Computer Science

(Object Oriented Programming Using C++)


Maximum time: - 3 hours

Maximum marks: - 50


All question carry equal marks.

Attempt all questions. Choosing one from each question.


Q.1 (a) Discuss the salient features of OOPS and the main difference from procedural oriented language.

(b) Explain the following basic concepts of OOPs through suitable examples:

(i) Inheritance

(ii) Polymorphism


(a) Highlight about programming language which support OOPS.

(b) Discuss any two of the following operators of C++:-

(i)                  Scope Resolution Operator.

(ii)                Memory Management Operator.

(iii)               C++ Expression and their types.


Q.2 (a) Explain the use of default argument in a function and discuss its need in a function.

(b) Write a program in C++ to read a matrix of size m*n from keyboard and display the same on the screen.


(a) Highlight the features of Static Data members as well as static members function of class in C++.

(b) Explain the advantage of friendly function and its use in a program.


Q.3 (a) Discuss the concept of parameterized constructor and explain its use through suitable examples.

(b) Write a program for binary operator overloading using friend function.


(a) Highlight about copy constructor and write a program in C++ which explains its use.

(b) Discuss about type conversion in C++ programming.


Q.4 Highlight on different types of important inheritances and give the syntax of all such inheritances as well as suitable examples.


Write the feature of Virtual function and give its syntax rules required while using it.


Q.5 (a) Discuss syntax ios class function and flags under formatted console I/O operations.

(b) Define manipulator and explain the use of setw and endl manipulators of C++ through suitable examples.


(a) Discuss about error handling during file operations in C++.

(b) Highlight on template in C++.

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