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Awadhesh Pratap Singh University 2008 M.Sc Physics . ,Solid State - Question Paper

Thursday, 17 January 2013 09:20Web

This is Yearly paper of APS university for Old students.

There are total 10 ques. with optional 1 and only five will have to do.

Maximum marks is 100 and minimum is 35.

Total time alloted for this is three Hours.

M.Sc. (Previous) Examination-2007


Statistical and Solid State Physics


Time allowed: - 3 hours

Maximum marks: - 100

Passing marks: - 35


Q.1 What do you understand by phase space? State and prove Liouvilles theorem.


Q.2 What do understand by Gibbs canonical ensemble? Define partition function and hence find out entropy of perfect monoatomic gas in canonical ensemble.


Q.3 What do you mean by Perfect Fermi Gas? Derive an expression for Fermi energy and Fermi temperature.


Q.4 Discuss Bose-Einstein condensation for ideal Bose-Einstein gas.


Q.5 Derive Braggs law of X-ray diffraction in crystals. Give an account of powder method of crystal structure analysis.


Q.6 List the various type of bonding in solids. Discuss the Heither and London theory of covalent bonding.


Q.7 What do you understand about Bloch function? Discuss Kroning-Penney model and hence explain origin of energy band.


Q.8 What is Hall Effect? Give an elementary theory of Hall Effect and mention the important uses of Hall Effect.


Q.9Discuss Weiss theory of ferromagnetism and show from the plot of Langevin function, spontaneous magnetization exists below the Curie temperature and vanishes above the Curie temperature.


Q.10 Explain type I and type II superconductors. Derive Londons equations and hence deduce Meissner effect.

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