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Alagappa University 2007 B.A (P.A.) ,(INDIAN ADMINISTRATION) - Question Paper

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 10:25Web

Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks
part A — (5 x eight = 40 marks)
ans any 5 of the subsequent.
1. State any 4 features of Indian Administration.
2. Discuss the position of President in the Indian Administrative System.
3. Explain any 4 functions of the Cabinet.
4. Describe the functions of the Secretariate in the system of Indian Government.
5. Explain the administrative relations ranging from the Union and the States of India.
6. What are the main functions of Union Public Service Commission? discuss.
7. Explain the relationship ranging from the generalists and the specialists in Administration.
8. Write a note on ‘Election Commission’.
part B — (4 x 15 = 60 marks)
Answer any 4 ques..
9. Trace the evolution of Indian Administration.
10. Discuss the powers and functions of the Supreme Court of India.
11. Explain the powers of Governor.
12. Write a detailed note on ‘All India Services’.
13. Describe the reasons for the superiority of specialists.
14. Explain the factors that may account for the confronting attitude of the states towards the centre.
15. Examine the nature and methods by which Judicial control over administration is exercised in India.

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