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Alagappa University 2007 B.A PROSE AND COMPOSITION - Question Paper

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 10:10Web

I. ans any 3 of the subsequent
ques. in about 100 words every :
(3 × five = 15)
1. What experience did Plomer have with
car driving ?
2. Attempt a character sketch of private
3. elaborate the controls in the hands of a Pilot
for guiding an aeroplane ?
4. discuss Orwell?s calling the visitors of the
book shops as Parenoics and lunatics.
5. Write a brief note on Huxley?s ?Beauty
6. Why did a traveller develop disappointment,
according to Lynd ?
II. ans any 2 ques. in about 300
words every : (2 × 15 = 30)
7. discuss how the B.B.G. is an amusing
skit in modern English Institutions.
8. elaborate the views of L.A.G. Strong
about studying ?
9. elaborate Neville Cardus?s reflections on
Cricket ?
10. Write an essay on the experience of
Smith?s ?A Walk Through the Fire?.
11. Narrate Daiches?s views on the American
people and civilization in his ?An Entry
into the United States?.
12. What do you understand the greatness of
Gandhiji from Nehru?s speech ?
III. ans any 1 of the subsequent in about
300 words : (1 × 15 = 15)
13. Attempt a character sketch of Estella.
14. Realism in ?Great Expectations?.
15. provide an account of Pip?s London Life.
IV. ans any 3 of the subsequent
ques. in about 100 words every :
(3 × five = 15)
16. discuss Edison?s invention.
17. Sketch the character of Winston Churchill.
18. Bring out the irony in the story ?The
Fortune Teller?.
19. How did Sharma obtain out that the
company wanted him to retire prematurely
in ?The Gold Watch? ?
20. Bring out the significance of the title of
the story ?End of the Party?.
21. Summarise Tagore?s views on education.
V. Make a precis of the subsequent passage in
about 1 3rd of its length :
(1 × 10 = 10)
22. Vehicular air pollution control has
become a keenly - felt need today. It
involves the control of the harmful gases
produced by cars, buses and lorries.
Since automobile air pollution is quite
serious in many of our cities, a concrete
programme should be evolved to decrease
these emissions. The discharge of
pollutants, particularly the offensive black
smoke, can only be attributed to
inefficient engine performance.
Improvement of engine performance will
also lead to better fuel economy.
If we look at diesel alone, we obtain
that it accounts for nearly 30 percent of
India?s total consumption of petroleum
products. It outcomes in a corresponding
volume of pollution. The main consumer
of diesel is road transport. Control of
vehicular pollution should be based on
methods that are in keeping with sound
in expensive methods are available to
achieve the desired ends.
23. (a) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions :
Mastan lives .......... his uncle ..........
Surat. There is a public garden ..........
their house. Mastan walks .......... it when
he goes .......... college. There is a small
pond .......... the garden. Mastan often
obtains 2 old men sitting .......... a bench
.......... the pond throwing bits of bread
.......... the water. Perhaps they are feeding
the fish.
(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable articles :
Nasiruddin was .......... clever man.
He lived in .......... city of Khorasan.
.......... people of Khorasan stated he was
.......... cleverest man in .......... whole of
neighbour who was .......... rich merchant,
but .......... great miser.
Rewrite as directed any 5 of the subsequent :
(5 × two = 10)
24. Raj congratulate me for my success.
(Correct the sentence)
25. I learn them for pleasure.
(Change the voice)
26. I chose my own studying.
(Add a ques. tag)
27. Shalini .......... (visit) her mother yesterday.
(Fill in the blanks with the accurate
tense of the verb)
28. As soon as she reached home, it began
to rain.
(Change into negative)
29. Children are too active in nature to be
(Remove ?Too - to?)
30. Prof. Raju said, ?I have lost my watch, can
you obtain it for me? ?
(Change into indirect speech)

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