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Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) 2005 Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya) GENERAL ENGLISH - Question Paper

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 07:05Web

(Examination at the end of 1st Year)
Part 1- English

Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks

(Analytical Skills)

1. (a) learn subsequent passage and ans the ques. that follow : (5x1 = five )
I shall sit here wrapped up in my thoughts and you will be constant companion bringing you and solace to me so, I shall not really be lonely and the years or months that I pass here will perhaps bring peace to my ming I shall make friends again with the stars and watch the moon wax and wane and see the pageant of the world with all its beauty and horror, as an on looker froma distant place of a various world have worked hard during most of my life but I have worded as I wanted to, and life, in spite of many hard knocks has gracious to me. I suppose I have hard work still to do.

(i) How does the author sit ?
(ii) What brings solace to the writer's mind?
(iii) What does the author watch in his loneliness?
(iv) What does the author suppose to do?
(v) What is ment by 'wax and wane'?

(b) learn the subsequent passage carefully and ans the ques. that follow by choosing the right ans :

They were loudly discussing the different measures they would take to protect themselves against reptiles in the future, when Dasa appeared before them carrying a water- pot whose mouth was sealed with a slab of stone. He put the pot down and stated : 'I have caught him in this. I saw him peeping out of it ....I saw him before he could see me .' He discussed at length the strategy be had employed to catch and seal up the snake in the pot. Dasa had the glow of a champion on his face. ' Don't call me an idler here after ', he stated. Mother complimented him on his sharpness and wished she had placed a few milk in the pot as a sort of religious duty. Dasa picked up the pot cautiously and walked off saying that he would leave the pot with its contents with the snake-charmer residing near by. He became the hero of the day. They watched him in great admiration and decided to reward him adequately.

(i) Who was carrying a water - pot?

(1) Dasa (2) Mother
(3) An old beggar (4) A priest

(ii) Who had the glow of a champion on his face?
(1) a priest (2) the manager
(3) Dasa (4) a guest

(iii) Dasa was complemented by
(1) uncle (2) mother
(3) daughter (4) dad

(iv) According to Dasa, the pot would be provided to
(1) a servant maid (2) a priest

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