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Assam University 2007 B.Com Advertising and Sales Promoting - Question Paper

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Advertising and Sales Promoting
ans ANY TEN SUB ques..EACH SUB ques. CARRIES two MARKS(MARKS:10*2=20)
a)Mention 4 advantages of Tele Marketing.
b)Give the meaning of press conference
c)What is an ad-copy?
d)What is advertising evaluation?
e)Expand 'DAGMAR'
f)Define media planning
g)What is ethics in advertising
h)What is copywriting?
i)Give the meaning of advertising copy
j)Mention the 4 functions of advertising agencies.
k)Mention the difference forms of agency commission
l)What is pre-testing communication?


ans ANY 5 ques. OF THE subsequent .EACH ques. CARRIES 5 MARKS
2.Briefly discuss the factors influencing the option of advertising media
3.Explain in brief the various methods of advertising valuation.
4Write a note on intellectual property rights.
5.Briefly discuss the importance of sales promotion.
6.Write a note on Marketing Research.
7.What are unethics in advertising ?Commet on it.
8.Discuss the merits and demerits of Mail Advertising
9.Briefly discuss the different forms of display advertising

ans ANY 3 ques. FROM THE subsequent .EACH ques. CARRIES 15 MARKS(MARKS:3*!5=45)

10.Discuss the creative process in Advertising
11.Explain the significance of Rural Marketing in India
12.Write a short notes on:
b)Post testing methods
c)Direct marketing
13.Explain the role of advertising manager in the company
14.How Consumer Protection Act,plays prominent role against unethical immoral advertisrment?

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