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Anna University Trichy 2008 B.E Information Technology Hs1103-engineering chemistry-ii - Question Paper

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(Common to all branches)

Time:Three hours Maximum:100 Marks

ans ALL ques.
PART A-(10X2=20 marks)

1.Distingiush ranging from carbonate hardness and non-carbonate hardness.
2.Why NH4Cl-NH4OH buffer is used in EDTA titration?
3.Mention any 2 limitation of 1st legal regulations of thermodynamics.
4.Define entropy and write its mathematical expression.
5.Distinguish ranging from galvanic cells and electrolytic cells.
6.Define the terms (a)oxidation potential (b)reduction potential.
7.What is photogalvanic cell?
8.What are the general components of a nuclear reactor?
9.What is finger print region?Mention its important uses.
10.What are the kinds of electronic transitions involved in an organic molecule?

PART B-(5X16=80 Marks)
11.(a)What is desalination?How is it carried out by electro dialysis? [Marks 8]
(b)Discuss the reason and control of boiler corrosion in detail. [Marks 8]
12.(a)Discuss the estimation of hardness of water by EDTA method. [Marks 8]
(b)Write a brief note colloidal, phosphate, calgon and carbonate conditioning of water. [Marks 8]

13.(a)Derive an expression for the entropy change in an isothermal expansion of an ideal gas. [Marks 8]
(b)Gibbs free energy change of a reaction at 27?C and 37?C are -29kcal and -29.5kcal respectively. Determine its ?H and ?S at 27?C. [Marks 8]
14.(a)Derive the integrated form of Van't Hoff isochore. [Marks 8]
(b)Discuss the different kinds of thermodynamic processes. [Marks 8]

15.(a)What is emf?How is it measured by poggemdroff's compensation method? [Marks 8]
(b)What are concentration cells?Write a note on its kinds. [Marks 8]
16.(a)Write a note on the following:
(i)Standard hydrogen electrode[Marks 4]
(ii)Calomel electrode[Marks 4]
(b)Discuss the principle and procedure involved in the conductomeric titration ranging from a strong acid and strong base. [Marks 8]

17.(a)Describe the components of light water nuclear power plant with a neat block diagram. [Marks 8]
(b)Discuss the construction and working of nickel-cadmium battery. [Marks 8]
18.(a)Explain the constuction of Lead-acid storage battery and the cell reactions involved during charging and discharging. [Marks 8]
(b)Write a note on the following:
(i)Nuclear chain reaction[Marks 4]
(ii)Nuclear energy[Marks 4]

19.(a)Explain the construction of flame photometry. discuss the estimation of sodium by flame photomery. [Marks 8]
(b)Discuss the principle and instrumentation of IR spectroscopy with a neat block diagram. [Marks 8]
20.(a)State Beer-Lamberts legal regulations and derive its mathematical form.What are its limitations? [Marks 8]
(b)Explain the principle and instrumentation of UV –Visisble spectroscopy with neat block digram. [Marks 8]

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