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Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) 2005 B.A INDIAN HERITAGE AND CULTURE - Question Paper

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(3178 DM)


(Examination at the end of 1st Year)


Time : 1 and half hours Maximum : 50 marks

part A - (2 x 13 = 26 marks)

ans any 2 ques. in this Section, every in about 60 lines.

1. Write a note on the contribution of Buddhism to Indian culture.

2. Trace the social, religious and econimic conditions of the Mauryan period.

3. Bring out the contribution of Pallavas to art and architecture.

4. define the socio - economic conditions during the Vijayanagar period.

5. What was the legacy of the British Rule to Indian culture?

6. What is the contribution of Raja Ram Mohan Roy to modern Indian society?

part B - (3 x four = 12 marks)

Write short noes on any 3 of the subsequent in about 20 lines every.

7. Great Bath.

8. Temple architecture of Gupta period.

9. Bhakti Movement.

10. Din - i - Illahi.

11. Contribution of Christian missionaries to Women Education.

12. Mahatma Gandhi.

13. RamakrishnaParamahamsa.

14. Iswara Chandra Vidyasagar.
part C - (12marks)

ans ALL ques..

15. Fill up the blanks :
(a) The main characteristic feature of Indian culture is --------------.

(b) The name of mother of Mahavira was ----------------.

(c) The founder of Theosophical society was-------------.

(d) The founder of ' Hitakarini ' was --------------.

16. select the accurate ans :

(a) Which Veda referred to civilisation of early Vedic age?

(i) The Sama Veda (ii) The Rig Veda

(iii) The Yajar Veda (iv) TheAtharva Veda.

(b) The writer of Gatha Saptasati

(i) Gunadhya (ii) Sarva - Varman

(iii) Hala (iv) Nagarjuna.

(c) The builder of Brihadisvara temple of Tanjore

(i) Raja raja (ii) Rajendra

(iii) ParameswaraVarman (iv) Kulothunga.

(d) The founder of Rama Krishna mission

(i) RamaKrishnaParamahamsa. (ii) Sarada Devi

(iii) Vivekananda (iv) Devendranath Tagore.

17. Match the subsequent :


(i) Established in 1858
(ii) Charles Wood's Despatch
(iii) Established in 1861
(iv) East India Company Charter of 1813
(v) William Bentinck
(vi) Sir William Jones
(vii) Established in 1882.

(a) Abolition of Sati

(b) The founder of Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal

(c) The Magma Charta of English Education in India

(d) Hunter Commission

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