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Uttarakhand Technical University 2010 B.A Indian Economic Development Since Independence - Question Paper

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Univesity Name: Uttarkhand University
Paper name:The Structure Of Modern English
Academic Year: 2010
Courses: B.A (Previous) exam

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B.A. (Previous)

Examination 2010 EEG - 02 (Elective Course)

The Structure of Modern English

Time: 3 Hours    Maximum Marks: 70

Note: Attempt all questions. Each question carries equal marks.

5 Marks

1.    Answer the following questions.

(i)    What is the meaning of phonetics?

(ii)    What is the phonetic difference between vowels and consonants?

2.    The following pairs of words are distinguished by the vowel sounds in them. Write down the symbols for the vowels of any three pairs.

3 Marks

(i) (a) heal - (b) hill (ii) (a) pot - (b) port

(iii)    (a) cap - (b) cup (iv) (a) said - (b) sad (v) (a) lift - (b) left

3.    Write down phonetic symbols by the consonant sounds represented by the italicised symbols in any two of the following words.

2 Marks











4.    Indicate the number of syllables in each of the following words and mark the syllable division with a dot at the bottom.

5 Marks

Eg. Number of syllables syllable division GOOD    1    -


(i)    recording

(ii)    primary

(iii)    english

(iv)    introduction

(v)    characteristic

5.    Give the definitions, with suitable examples, of any two of the following terms.






compound sentences





6.    (i) What is the meaning of the word morpheme ?    2 Marks

(ii)    Underline the prefixes in the following words and say what the prefixes mean?    1 Mark re-election


(iii)    What is the function of the suffix ity when it is attached to stem

morphemes? Explain with the help of one of the words given below.

2 Marks

rigidity, legality, scarcity, ability

7.    (i) Which of the following nouns are count (countable) and which are

mass (uncountable).    1 Mark

Bread, day, husband, grass

(ii)    Write the possessive forms of the following nouns.    2 Marks Girl, women, birds, Japan

(iii)    Supply the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. 2 Marks

(a)    The British (quit) India in 1947.

(b)    Soldiers were (patrol) the streets during the curfew.

8.    By adding suitable suffixes make single words for the following words. The part of speech to which the word belongs is given in brackets.    5 Marks Eg. Having the qualities of a mother. (adj)

Ans. Motherly

(i)    The quality of being kind-hearted. (noun)

(ii)    To put into liquid form. (verb)

(iii)    To make sad. (verb)

(iv)    In a hearty manner. (adverb)

(v)    The act of refusing. (noun)

9.    Say whether the italicised expressions in the following sentences is a compound word or a phrase. Explain the differences between the two sentences.    5 Marks

(i)    She has a strong hold on him.

(ii)    The northern part of the country is a stronghold of the rebels.

10.    Re-arrange the following words to form sentences. Use capital letters and punctuation marks where necessary. Identify the type of each sentence.

2 Marks

(i)    the, leave, room, once, at

(ii)    far, you, walk, can, how

11.    The following sentence is ungrammatical. Write down a correct grammatical form. Explain why the sentence is ungrammatical.    3 Marks he killed last year.

12.    Change the meaning of each of the following sentences by moving the adverbial item underlined. Explain the difference in meaning. 5 Marks

(i)    In time we will finish our work.

(ii)    She made up her mind to resign immediately.

13.    Explain the difference between the following sentence used as an exclamation and as a question.    5 Marks

(i)    How much money was invested!

(ii)    How much money was invested?

14. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in brackets. In some cases an auxiliary may be needed.

5 Marks

(i)    If I drop the piece of chalk, it----------------(break).

(ii)    We--------------(go) to a movie this afternoon.

(iii)    I----------------(be) about to drop the letter into the pillar box when I

noticed it had not been stamped.

(iv)    The teacher said, Boys, listen carefully, I------------(be) going to tell

you a story.

(v)    The train --------(leave) at 10pm.

15. Complete the following sentences with suitable clauses.

5 Marks

(i)    I asked him......(noun clause)

(ii)    The not convincing (adj clause)

(iii)    I worked hard .....(adv clause)

(iv)    .... , he is honest. (adv clause)

(v)    Have you finished the book......(adj clause)

16. Fill in the blanks.

5 Marks

(i)    He could not catch the train,-----------he was able to go by air.

(ii)    I have already explained everything----------, it was worthwhile going

over it again.

(iii)    You are telling me something-----------1 cant believe.

(iv)    He came-------he wanted to see me.

(v)    Do you want to know--------he said about you?



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