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Uttarakhand Technical University 2010 B.A (Previous) Govtand Politics in East Asia and South-East Asia - Question Paper

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Univesity Name: Uttarkhand University
Paper name: Govt. and Politics in East Asia and South-East Asia
Academic Year: 2010
Courses: B.A. (Previous) exam

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Roll No

B.A. (Previous)

Examination 2010 EPS-06

(Elective Course/    Hiq;de)

Govt. and Politics in East Asia and South-East Asia

Roll No

B.A. (Previous)

Examination 2010 EPS-06

frai tft frat e ijdij ,0 jitUlfa

Roll No

B.A. (Previous)

Examination 2010 EPS-06

Maximum Marks: 70

Time : 3 hours le; : 3 /fV

Roll No

B.A. (Previous)

Examination 2010 EPS-06

: 70



Note : Answer all the questions. Each question carries 1 mark ift yUi d

mRTj n I yu Vd dT t I

1 x 14= 14

1) Which of the following nations of South-East Asia is not on the main land:

fu f; d fUu jjrVT e ' dTu f ug fLeir t: a) Myanmar    b) Thailand

eNHK    eiibyuM

c) Vietnam    d) Indonesia

f0;ruiH    bMlUfii

2) Which is the only country of South-East Asia which never got in chains of Western Imperialist:

fu 0 f; dT vdy ,it    tT 'wivyoinr C/tu e ugr vt;t:

a) Myanmar    b) Thailand

eNHK    FTTfyuM

c) Malaysia    d) Singapore

Heifi;i    Rixiyj

3) Which of the following countries have Buddhism as major religion:

fupuffrrdt e ' dgT    cT) erf wu /rf g

a) Indonesia    b) Myanmar

bMTUfi;i    EiuHij

c) Philipines    d) Vietnam

fQyifQui    f0;ruiH

4)    Which of the following country has Islam as major religion?

fUuffrr e l fdi A byie /A g

a) Brunei    b) Indonesia

cUr    bMiUfi;i

c) Thailand    d) Laos

FJlbeluM    yTVH

5)    In which of the countries of South-East Asia, for very long time Chinese colonial administration got maintained.?

fFT iOr frar d fdi n?T e PtUr VNUOfd niu y+C ie; rd dixx jgr\

6)    Western colonialism in South-East Asia started with the Portuges capture of:

mrj iOr fixr A iffAt mifUO'ioin dt ivrr fUnfyf[ir ij rtxiyt dt d 1TFT gb:

a) Singapore    b) Malacca

flxiij    HdDdi

c) Morocco    d) Penang

etjiDdr    iuix

7)    What was the foundation of the principles of the Chinese Revolution:

PrUr difr d (1)i*ri' d vt/tr Fi:

a)    Materialistic tradition of the Philosophy of China Ptu d n'iu'iiL= dt HfifTdoini qj+iji

b)    Marxism-Leninism eiDloin-yfUuoin

c)    Experiences done by C.P.C.

1toito1to ski fd, x, vuHio

d)    All of the above mxjxr

8)    "Four Modernization" in the area of new economic policy of Deng-Ziao-Ping included:

MX-ft;Vi-fix dt ub vrfFid f d A pj vi(Udldjuii A fUfgr Fi

a)    Industries, Agriculture, Defence and Technology mix, f, jsr o rdUld

b)    Industries, Bureaucracy, Cooperative and Agriculture mix, fOnfMxriij, iiVt rTFX Ijdij

c)    Industries, foreign-trade, Party and Government

mix, fOnfMxriij, iiVt m ijdij

d)    None of these

buA l dib ugt

9) The number of members in the Representative Assembly of Japan is:

tiiiu d ifff/T ix e inl dh im g-

a) 510 b) 511 c) 512    d) 513

Which of the following causes was responsible for the consolidation of regionalism during the regime of "Yi" Dynasty in Korea:


di j;i e o'T d nu diy d njiu fUu e l fdi dijT l f; on etcr gT xb:


dUQiiicin Western Imperialism

ifpet iieiT;cin






a) Buddhism    b)

cT) /ie

c) New-Confuciousim d) uo-dUQ;iiciin What is the meaning of the following abbreviations:

fUEufyf[ir icnt d VT d; g%-

a) A.S.E.A.N    b)


c) N.I.E.O.    d)


Section - B

[Ug - C

4 x 5= 20

Answer any five questions. Each question carries 4 marks

fdugh i? i?UT d mRrj nft, i iRd i?u 4 Vd dT ti

1.    What are two main political features of the system of confusions? fdufiii dh iuiyh d nT ie[ jitUfTd yamT dT meei dhft, i

2.    Which areas were touched by Deng-Ziao-Ping in China through political reforms?

Pu e Mx-ft;TvT-fix jtUfTd i/rijT d ei/;e l fdu {T=T dr nvt x; g ?

3.    How did capitalism developed in Japan?

TTTilU e itrCin dT fCdll dl gVT?

4.    Write a short note on the role of India in the Korean war.,

dlR;i d ;) e Hjr dh fdT ij ,d fir fVmulh i

5)    What are the main features of the Malaysian Constitution? eyfixib ifC/Tiu dh ie[T fCfarr, d; g?

6)    Write a short-note on the significance of religion in Thai politics and Society.

FTib jtUfr Vj ieit e /re d egRo ij ,d fir fViUh fyf[i, i

7)    Write a short note on the Civil War of Kampuchea.

dgfPxr d xg ;) ij ,d fir fViuTh fy# i

8) What are the basic objectives of ASEAN? 'vid;n'd ey mnn'; w t?

Section - C [UM - l

3 x12=36

Note: Answer any three questions. Each question carries 12 marks.

fdt #u i?uf d mRrj nft, I iRd i?u 12 vd dT ti

1.    Critically analyze the deciding factors and variables of the foreign policy of China

ptu dh fOn?T Uf dT fU/TRl djU OTy dijdl ,0 ?vdT dT VleTlPUked fO'"TU| dhft, i

2.    Discuss the historical context of the nationalism in Japan

tTiTu e Ri"voin d ,frtif1d in-T dr fOOpui dhft, i

3.    Describe the federal structure of Malaysia. eyfi;i d iTh; <TP dT oUu dhft, i

4.    Critically explain the success and failure of Democracy in Thailand.

FTlbeluM e    dh IQddl VR VlQddl dh VTyTPUTRde c;|[;i dhft, I

5.    Discuss the problems of integration of Vietnam and its impact on the economic development?

fO;ruie d ,dhdRU| dh ihl;iVT nr vifFTd fOdii ij iM bud iiOT dh ppT dR i

6.    Evaluate the achievements and problems of ASEAN. vif1;iu dh midfC/iraTr vR ihl;iVT dT eYTdu dhft, i



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