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Uttarakhand Technical University 2010 B.A (Previous) The Study of Society - Question Paper

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Univesity Name: Uttarkhand University
Paper name:The Study of Society
Academic Year: 2010
Courses: B.A. (Previous) exam

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B.A. (Previous)

Examination 2010 ES0 -11

(Elective Course/fPNd iio;de)

The Study of Society


Time : 3 hours    Maximum Marks: 70

le; : 3 FV    i.Td    : 70

Note : The question paper is divided into three sections A, B and C. Answer the questions as directed under each section.

;g yu 'v', 'c' VTj 'i' Tu [fMT e fOfr g I iRd [.m d fUniuiTj d mRrj ni



Answer any one question. Each question carries 10marks

1x10= 10

1)    Discuss the role of technology in industrial revolution.

VTifd difT e uiiiTRid) dh fdT dh fOOpuT dhft, I

2)    Explain, how the process of planning has contributed to the changes in Indian Society?

wT; let e iTtui dh ifd;i U foTu yTU d fy, dl ;>kh fnT ? <;i[;i dj|

Answer any two questions. Each question carries 15 marks    2x10 = 20

fdugh nt yut d mRTj nhft, i iRd yu 10 Vdi dT t i

1)    Define sociology? Discuss the relationship between Sociology and Science.

dh f-w nhft, I ieit ttl= VTj fOKTu d ChP IcTT dh o;[;t

dhft, i

2)    What do you mean by family? Discuss in brief the functions of family.

ifjoij l vTi dT w frai; g? mRcik d di;! dh 1{Ti e fOOpui dhft, i

3)    Distinguish between Stateless, traditional and Modern societies. jiTfOglu, jjTXT vtj Vifd IHit! e Vrj crib, I

4)    Define Social Control. Explain its nature.

iiHiftd fu;=.i dh ifjHii"TT f, I bidh if dr ie>ib; I



Answer any five questions. Each answer should not exceed 100 words. Each question carries 6 marks.    5 x 6 = 30

fd# ip d mrj nft,\ i?u dT mrj 100 icnt l vf/fd u gr\ iRd i?u 6 Vdf dT g \

1)    Discuss family as an institution.

iLFTT d :i e ifjoTj dh    dtft, \

2)    'Man is a social animal' comment.

eu"; ,d iieiftd iTuTh g\ fViUt dtft,\

3)    Explain the types of marriage. fOOTg d idTjt df    \

4)    Differentiate between change and development. ifjoTu ,0 fOdTi e vrj Li"v dtft, \

5)    Write an essay on 'Socialization'

HeittdjUT ij ,d fUc/T ff, \

6)    Describe the main characteristics of Culture.

iLdfr dt igf fOrrarfvT dT oUu dtft, \

7)    Describe the nature of folk ways yTdf dt if dT ouTu dtft, \

8)    Describe the factors that affect the direction and rate of change. ifjoTu dt fnTT ,0 xfr df ifr djU OTy rF;f dT oUu dtft, \



Answer all questions. Each question carries 1 mark.    1x10 = 10

iHt iUr d mrj ntft, \ iR;d i'u 1 vd dT g\

1.    M.N. Sriniwas is not an Indian Sociologist.    True/False

,e.,u. JtfUoTi H-njTt;    ug g \


2.    A person constantly learns new roles throughout one's life    True/False ofr ttouHj ub HfdT, Ikn jgn g \ ir;/vir;

3.    Values have much to do with the environment and culture of a society.


ee;r dT leit dt iLdfr vfj wnojUT l [tti ut nui g \    ir;/vir;

4.    'Tonga" is an African Tribe    True/False

"VTxT ,d vQdt tutifr g \    ir;/vir;

5.    Stateless societies have a good educational system    True/False

jfT; fOgtu leitf dt fsTT if vNt girt g \    ir;/vir;

Choose the correct alternative igh fOdci pfU, i

6. The author of the book "Structure    and function in primitive society" is

fn ,VDPj ODTU bu eivo    IlllbVl iLTd d g:

a) Radcliff Brow    b) Robert Morton

jM fDyQ cmu    jiCv eVu

c) Parson    d) Maxweber

iTjn    ddi Ccj

Who is called the father of Sociology? 1Hlt'llL= dT tUd fdl dgT W g? a) Herbert Spencer    b)

August Comte VTXLT dTEV Emile Durkim


gjcV Liulj

c) Maxweber    d)


The concept of power-elite is related with-

ftT oX dh vo/rir IcfTr g-


ijVT l

Charles Cooley

pTyi d.y l

a) Comte    b)

dTEV l

c) Parson    d)

iNH l

The author of "The Division of Labour in Society" is

n fMOitu Vtq ycj bu iliibVh d yid g%-

b) A.R. Desai



M.K. Gandhi

,d.d. XT/h




d) K.M. Kapadia d.,e. diifMxT

10. Who is the author of a book "The Protestant Ethics and Spirit of Capitalism.

*n ilV-LVv fid n fLijv Vtq dfifre' LTd d yid dTu g?

a) Karl Marx    b) Max Weber

diy eiDi    ocj

c) Robert Merton    d) S.C. Dube

jiCv eVu    nC



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