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Uttarakhand Technical University 2010 B.A (Previous) Society of India - Question Paper

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Get all the previous year ques. papers for B.A/ B.Com and BTS. You can download old ques. from here.

Univesity Name: Uttarkhand University
Paper name: Society of India
Academic Year: 2010
Courses: B.A. (Previous) exam

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B.A. (Previous) Examination 2010 ESO-12 (Elective Course/ ilcj;de) Society of India/smTi; leit

Time: 3 Hours    Maximum Marks : 70

le; 3    iwpifd: 70

Note: The Question paper is divided into three Sections A, B, and C

uTv:-    'v' "c' Vj l Tu [.Mi e fOHiiftr g i iRd [.m d fu&iiuiij dT mrj ni

Section-A/ [.M-V

Answer any two questions. Each question carries 15 Marks.

fdugf nT i"uT d mRrj nhft,i iRd i"u 15 VdT di gi    2x15=30

1.    Define family. Explain the important changes in the family during the last fifty years. fcre dr fw nrft, i fOxr wm cTT e fcR e g, egc-c] fcTur di c4u dift, i

2.    Define marriage. Describe the different forms of marriage. fCcig dr fw nrft, i fccig d ffru wr] di Cu dift, i

3.    Define and distinguish between state, nation and society.

jr;, Vij let dr fw nift, Vij mue vt Li's dift, i

4.    Describe the status of women in Indian Society.

HiKdk let e fyTvT dr fLeifT di ciu dift, i


Answer any five questions. Each answer should not exceed 100 word. Each question carries 06 Marks.

fdgf ira i?uT d mTj nft, i iRd i"u di mRj 100 "issT l vf/id u gi' i iRd i"u 06 VdT di gi


1.    What is Social Change ? lieiftd fcTu w g ?

2.    State the changes that have occurred in the functions of Caste System. tifT o;cLn d id];? e g, fcTur dT crib, i

3.    What is the link between development and planning ? fCdii Vk fUttu d e; di wr g i

4.    Describe the role of leadership and ideology in social movements.

iieiftd vinTyuT e c RhA/iki dr fdi dT cTu dift, i

5.    Write the main problems of tribal communities. tutifT lyniiil dr lewvT dr ffr, i

6.    What is a joint family ? Describe its characteristics.

,d igDr fcij fdl dgT g ? bidr fC"TwiVt dT c4u dift, i

7.    Describe the legal status of women.

Erfgyvf dr dTur fLeiTr dT c4u dift, i

8.    Describe five Hindu Festivals in brief, ip fgn RWf dT iTi e Cu dift, i

Section-C/EP>M-l Answer all questions. Each question carries 01 Marks. iTt i"UT d mrj nhft, i iRd i"u 01 VdT dT g1    10x1=10

Write True/False against the following.

Pinfyfeid d nei irVvir; i

1.    Muslim marriage is a religions contract. (True/False) efLye fOoTg enfed ne>1di g1 (irVvir;)

2.    The Constitution of India grants protection only to Scheduled Castes and Tribes.


HTRd dT nfO/TTi doy vinfPd tifd4T VR titifd;! dT ism dT g i (irVvir;)

3.    The leadership of a social movement plays an important role in achieving its objectives.    (True/False) fdlr nieiftd vTnTyi d dr iifd e ido ego fdT fU-dT g (irVvir;)

4.    Women comprise only 25% of the illiterate population.    (True/False) fiRR tini dT 25 frar H-nx doy efgywT dT g i (irVvir;)

5.    The Indian approach to planning is democratic.    (True/False)

d f HiiRdi; nfVd>i d-ddiBd g i    (irVvir;)

Choose the correct alternative. lgt Rdei f, i

6.    India has embarked on the process of -HRd I f|E| f; iR drf VTRRT fd; g-

(a)    A totally capitalist path of economic development. vfFfd Ridin dT l itloinr iFi i

(b)    A communist path of economic development. v-faTd Ridin dT nMcii4) ia- i

(c)    A socialist path emphasizing on mixed economy. fefJd v8Tc;otftt orar neitoi41 m i

(d)    None of the above.

mMR-Dd e n d-b igr i

7.    Apa Tani Tribe belongs to:-'VTiT dTir' titifd ICf/d g-

(a) Haryana (B) Panjab (c) Uttar Pradesh    (d) Arunachal Pradesh

gfRqW l itc l mRdR yn?T l    v:uiiPy yn?T l

8.    The concept of mixed economy refers to: ffd VaTcoLFTT dt Vo/TTRTT dT vf*TiT; g:-

(a) The prevalence of Private Sector    (b) Existence of the Public Sector

fitt dT ipyi    n-ofd sT= dr RiieHdi

(c) Co-existence of the Public & Private Sectors    (d) None of these

n-ofd VR fitt sT=T dT ng-fdRo bie l dTb igt

9.    Sarda Act was passed in :-"TRT i-Rd gVT FTT:-

(a) 1929    (b) 1950    (c) 1955    (d) 1965

1929 e    1950 e    1955 e    1965 e

10.    Ramayan is the holy book of -

RHii|U|    iLdd g-

(a) Christians    (b) Hindus    (c) Muslims    (d) Sikhs

bnibdr dt    fguVr dr    enyeiil dr fnD#T dr



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