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Uttarakhand Technical University 2010 B.A ./B.Com./B.T.S.(Previous) Diploma Foundation in English - Question Paper

Thursday, 07 February 2013 11:00Web

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Univesity Name: Uttarkhand University
Paper name: Foundation Course in English
Academic Year: 2010
Courses: B.A./B.Com./B.T.S.(Previous) Diploma exam

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B.A./B.Com./B.T.S.(Previous) Diploma Examination 2010 FEG-01 Foundation Course in English

Time: 3 Hours    Maximum Marks : 35

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow    15 Marks

In India as elsewhere every girl or boy has fond and warm memories of his childhood, from the day he begins to talk to his mother and father in broken syllables. Invariably a child learns and recognizes the faces of his mother and father, of sisters and brothers who play with him constantly, or the servants who prepare his meals or watch him play in the nursery. He must also remember the rich colours of the butterflies and birds which children everywhere always love to watch with open eyes. I say must, because when I was three and a half, all these memories were expunged, and with the prolonged sickness I started living in a world of four senses - that is, a world in which colours and faces and light and darkness are unknown.

If my age and the length of the sickness deprived me of the treasured memories of sight, they also reduced things which are valued so much in the sighted world to nothing more than mere words, empty of meaning. I started living in a universe where it was not the flood of sunshine streaming through the nursery window or the colours of the rainbow, a sunset or a full moon that mattered, but the feel of the sun against the skin, the slow drizzling sound of rain, the feel of the air just before the coming of the quiet night, the smell of the grass on a warm morning. It was a universe where at first - but only at first - I made my way fumbling and faltering.

It was good that I lost my sight when I did, because having no memories of seeing, there was nothing to look back to, nothing to miss. I went blind in November 1937. At that time we were living in Gujrat, in the province of Punjab in northern India. After my sickness we moved to Lahore, a few miles away, but the procession of relatives who came to sympathize made my father ask for another transfer, this time to Karnal, where we had neither friends nor relatives. There we got a cottage on the canal bank, built in very peaceful and quiet surroundings.

As might be expected, in the beginning it was tough for all of us - for my mother and my father, for my three sisters and my brother, and for me, too. The illness had left me weak. The servants shirked me as though I was an evil eye personified. My sister treated me with care, as though I were a fragile doll, and my mother wept. My father, who was a doctor in the public health service, was grateful that my spine had been tapped in time, for a delay in the lumbar puncture would have affected my mind or endangered my life. But he, like the rest, despaired.

Answer the following questions


(i)    What are some of the things children everywhere learn and recognize?

(ii)    The authors childhood was different from that of other children. Why?

(b). The authors perception of the world was confined only to four senses. Pick out phrases which highlight the use of the senses of

(i)    hearing

(ii)    touch

(iii)    smell

(c).    Why does he say It was good that I lost my sight when I did?

(d)    From Lahore the family moved to Karnal, where they had neither friends nor relatives. But they were happy. Why?

(e)    The servants shirked me as though I were an evil eye personified. This means that the servants thought I was

(i)    blind

(ii)    a curse on the family

(iii)    a spoilt child.

2.    Write a passage of about 300 words on Trees are our best friends.

5 Marks

3.    Re-write any one of the stories you have read this year in about 200 words.

5 marks

4.    Fill in the blanks    5 Marks

(a)    with the correct verb form:

(i)    We returned home very late and found that our mother_

already_rice and vegetables. (cook)

(ii)    She_a small shop in the market. (has)

(iii)    I_my homework now. (do)

(b)    with a, an or the:

(i)    When I was returning from school,_bus came from behind and hit my


(ii)    I thought you were_honest man.

5.    Answer the following questions:    5 Marks

(a)    Change the following direct questions into reported questions.

(i)    What are you doing during the week-end? Lawrence asked Burns

(ii)    Do you think he is ill? she asked me.

(b)    Frame sentences to which the following sentences are answers. Use the question word in brackets to begin your question.

(i)    The door leads to the balcony. (Where )

(ii)    Miss Lal came with me. (Who)

(c)    Complete the following sentence We do not know what............



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