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Anna University Coimbatore 2011 M.E Computer Science and Engineering Information security - Question Paper

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 01:25Web

M.E/M.TECH. DEGREE exams : NOV/DEC 2011

Time:3 Hours Max.Marks:100
(10 X 2=20)
ans ALL ques.

1.Write the critical characteristics of info.
2.distinguish ranging from direct attack and indirect attack.
3.How do worms differ viruses?
4.What is deterrence?Give a few examples.
5.Write the use of Access control List(ACL).
6.Compare metric-based measures with process-based measures.
7.What do you mean by security perimeter?
8.What are possible indicators?
9.What is typical relationship among trusted network,firewalls and untrusted network?
10.Define the terms:False reject rate,Crossover fault Rate(CER).

(5 X 16=80 MARKS)
ans ALL ques.

11a)(i) How is the top-down approach to info security superior to the bottom-up approach?[Marks 8]
(ii) define the components of an info system.[Marks 8]


b)(i) discuss how to perform balancing info security and access.[Marks 8]
(ii) discuss the info security roles of different professionals in an organization.[Marks 8]

12a)(i) Tabulate the categories known attack vectors.
(ii) define the important functions of info security for an organization.[Marks 8]


b)(i) discuss the ten commandments of computer ethics.[Marks 8]
(ii) explain the various key laws to the info security.[Marks 8]

13a)(i) discuss the process of risk identification with flow diagram.[Marks 8]
(ii) elaborate the common methods of risk avoidance? discuss.[Marks 8]


b)(i) elaborate vulnerabilities? How do we identify them?[marks 8]
(ii) define the problems to be considered for selecting a risk control strategy.[Marks 8]

14a) explain in detail the major process steps involved in BS7799 model.


b)(i) Compare policy,Standard and practice.[Marks 10]
(ii) List and discuss the major steps involved in contingency planning.[Marks 6]

15a)(i) explain the kinds of intrusion detection system. Tabulate the comparison of every kind.


b)(i) discuss RSA algorithm.[Marks 8]
(ii) define the physical access controls for protecting the security facility.[Marks 8]

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