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Punjabi University 2007 B.Com COMPANY LAW & AUDITING ( 2YEAR) - Question Paper

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COMPANY legal regulations $ AUDITING

[Maximum marks 100
NOTE: Attempt 1 ques. from every part A, B, C, D and entire part E.Section A, B,C, and D carries 15 Marks .Section E carries two Marks for every ques..

1 What is 'object clause' of Memorandum of Association ? provide its importance. Also state the provisions
of the Companies Act relating to alteration of 'object clause' of Memorandum of Association.

2. discuss the provission of part 58A, 58AA and 58AAA regarding acceptance of deposits under Companies Act.


3. explain the duties of Directors under the Companies Act.Also state briefly position of Directors in a

4. discuss the rule in Foss vs Harbottle. elaborate the exception to it

part -C

5. What is Auditing ? explain in detail the objectives of Auditing.

6. What is 'Continuous Audit ? explain the advantages and disadvantages of such audit. How will you overcome the shortcomings of such audit ?


7. State the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 regarding appointment and removal of auditors.

8. describe Audit report. elaborate its contents ? provide the characteristics of a good audit report.

9. discuss the subsequent in brief :
(a) Common seal

(b) Corporate veil.

(c) Doctrine of Consrtuctive Notice.

(d) Preliminary Contracts.

(e) Share Warrant.

(f) Floating charge.

(g) Ultra vires Borrowings.

(i) Minutes of meeting.

(j) Class Meetings.

(k) Winding up vs Dissolution.

(l) Internal Check.

(m) Government Audit.

(n) Audit and Investigation .

(o) Statement on Standard auditing Practices.

(p) Auditor's Lien.

(q) A Disclaimer of Opinion.

(r) Remuneration of Auditors.

(s) Criminal Liabilities of Auditors.

(t) Qualified Report.

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