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Punjabi University 2007-2nd Year B.Com PRINCIPLES OF BUSSINESS MANAGEMENT -203 ( ) - Question Paper

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[Maximum marks ; 100

NOTE:- Attempt 1 ques. from every part A,B, C, D (carrying 15 marks every ). part E is compulsory comprising 20 short ans kind ques. carrying two marks every.


1. "Management is distinct process of defining function and is followed in order to accomplish pre-
determined objectives." Elucidate this statement.

2. define briefly the steps in planning process. Do you think that every manager follows the identical
steps in planning process ?


3. What is meant by MBO (Management by Objectives) ? explain the features and process of MBO.

4. What is Line and Staff organisation ? elaborate the causes of conflict ranging from line and staff ?
How can these be removed ?


5. discuss the significance of leadership in management.Describe the principal leadership styles usually
adopted in management of bussiness.

6. elaborate the barriers in the way of communication ? What steps you will take to overcome them ?


7 explain a few of the important emerging horizons of management in the changing business envirenment

8. What do you understand by Time Management ? What measures you will take in making management
effective ?


9. Write short notes on the subsequent :

(a) Management as a profession.

(b) Procedure

(c) Game theory of Decision -making.

(d) Principle of Unity of Command.

(e) Purchase Management .

(f) Centralisation.

(g) Departmentation.

(h) Elements of Delegation.

(i) Divide and Rule strategy.

(J) Span of management principle.

(k) What is Grapewine ?

(l) Theory X of Motivation.

(m) Elements of Direction.

(n) Financial incentives.

(o) nature of Motivation.

(p) Nature of stress.

(q) Planned change.

(r) Components of knowledge management.

(s) Stress threshold.

(T) Knowledge vs info


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