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Punjabi University 2007 B.Com Commercial Communications - Question Paper

Tuesday, 05 February 2013 07:20Web

B.Com Commercial Communications Paper-III ques. paper

Commercial Communications


Seat No:

Time : three Hours] [Max. Marks : 70

Instructions : (1) Clearly indicate the distinctive numbers of the ques. and sub-questions attempted.

(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

1. ‘Even to uphold the reason of love and legal regulations all the human beings have always been
fallen prey to the age old social and legal conventions’- Substantiate in the light of
‘Justice’. 10
1. Sketch the character of William Falder. 10

2. Write Short Notes on any 2 of the subsequent : 10
1. Ruth Honeywill
2. Harold Cleaver’s plea to the jury
3. Cockeson’s views on confinement
4. The end of the play

3. Draft for publication in an English daily, a report on any 1 of the
subsequent : 15
1. A train accident
2. A devastating sea coast havoc
3. Resonance to the Union Budget

4. A secretary is instructed to report on the causes of decline in the sale of washing

machine. Submit your report suggesting measures to arrest the decline.
OR 10
4. Write a positive business report on behalf of the three-men committee to the Directors
for taking over a different huge plant of chemical dry stuff in Baroda.

Prepare a simple questionnaire that leads to an inquiry to any 1 of the subsequent :
1. Shopping habits of the NRI customers.
2. Socio-economic conditions of the S.T. Bus Drivers/Conductors.
3. Introducing a new brand of shampoo.

TC-01 one P.T.O.


5. Write an essay on any 1 of the subsequent topics: 10
1. Inflation in India
2. Educated Unemployment
3. Soaring Prices Sinking Heart

6. learn the subsequent market report and ans the ques. provided at the end. 15

Bombay Dec, 8. Led by Century and Century Enka share prices skyrocketted on hectic short - cover-
ing by bears on sustained financial institution buying as the national index crossed the 400 mark point to touch a new pinnacle on the local stock exchange today.
The National index of equity price based on 100 scrips flared up to cross the 400 mark point and touched a new high of around 407.43 points . The BSE sensitive index also flared up by almost 23 points the biggest rise in latest times in a single trading session. The national index previous peak was 404.71 points on June 30, 1991. While BSE sensitive index peak was 738 on July 6, 1991.
Brokers stated aggressive buying from financial institutions during the last few weeks had created a shortage of floating stocks of several blue chip companies forcing bears to sharply cover their heavy outstanding sales position resulting in sharp recovery in share values during past election trading sessions.
Opening on a firm note, share prices zoomed upon hectic short- covering on end account consideration as havala rates will be fixed to-day while badla will be transacted on Monday. The market expected badla charges to be lower with several scrips likely to attract backwardation charges.

ques. :-

1. What kind of Stock exchange report is this ? 01
2. Which pattern is suggested by the head lines ?
Point out the word suggesting the pattern. 02
3. discuss clearly “...... Single trading session” 02
4. elaborate the striking factors according to the brokers ? 02
5. discuss : (a) blue chip companies 02
(b) backwardation charges

6. To what extent did the BSE index react ? 01
7. discuss any 5 of the subsequent : 05

i. Zoom ii. Scrips iii. Skyrocketting
iv. Points v. Sharp recovery vi. The National Index
vii The BSE Sensitive Index

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