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B.Pharm-B.Pharm 1st Year PHARMACOGNOSY – I(Kerala University of Health Sciences-2013)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 07:45Nitha

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First Year B.Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations - March 2013

Time: 3 Hours                                                                            Total Marks: 100

• Answer all Questions.

• Write diagrams wherever necessary.


1. Narrate a pharmacognostical report on cinnamon.
2. Discuss about the plant families rubiaceae and labiatae.
3. Explain in detatl about polyploidy and hybridization with reference to medicinal plants.
Short notes
4. Pharmacognostic study of castor oil.
5. Differentiate between sumatra and siam benzoin.
6. Explain the animal and microbiological sources of drugs.
7. Processing of crude drugs.
8. Name a crude drug of umbelliferae family and list the sources, constituents and uses
of it.
9. Clove.
10. List the source, constituents and uses of spermaceti as a drug in pharmacy.
11. Pharmacognostic account of silk as a fibre in pharmacy.
12. Enumerate the source, constituents, chemical test and uses of a mucilage containing
13.Discuss about the taxonomical classification of crude drugs.
14. Mention the source, method of preparation, uses and chemical tests for cod liver oil.
15.Define and classify resins, and add a note on the chemical constituents of ginger.
16. Differentiate between fennel and coriander.
17. Define tannins, classify them with examples. Mention Goldbeater's skin test for

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