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Anna University Coimbatore 2011 M.E Computer Science and Engineering Advance Java Programming - Question Paper

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ME CSE/ME SE/M.TECH Semester : 2




Time : 3 Hours

Maximum Marks : 100



1.      Answer ALL questions from PART - A and Answer any FOUR questions from PART - B. Question under PART - C is Compulsory.



Marks : 10 x 3 = 30


1.  Compare and contrast overloading and overriding.

2.  Write a Swing program to display an image and name the image using label.

3.  Create a XSLT for the below xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>



<title>Hide your heart</title>

<artist>Bonnie Tyler</artist>


<company>CBS Records</company>








4.  State the rules for well formed xml and valid xml. Give examples.

5. Write a servlet program to find whether the session is old or new.

6. Illustrate the use of filters in servlets.

7.  What happen when the browser requests a JSP page?

8.  How java code used in JSP explain with examples?

9.  Write about the various elements used in soap document.

10.  Which are the seven elements help in describing the web services?



Marks : 4 x 12.5 = 50

11.  a) Write a JDBC program to create department table(dept name,dept code,location) and insert the record in database using prepared statement. [8.5]

b) Design a GUI using swing that uses a color chooser to set the text color in a banner [4]

12.  a) Create xml schema to validate the description in Q No.3 [4]

b) Write a DOM parser in java which will display all the elements and attributes in the xml file given in Q no.3 [8.5]


13.  a) Explain with an examples how session management handled in servlets [5]

b) Write a servlet program to retrieve the form information and display in table format.


14.  a) Write short notes on JSTL tag. Describe their purpose. [4]

b) Design login page for library system.

      Search the books depending upon book title after logged in.

      Assume user account table and book details table in database. [8.5]

15.  a) How can you map WSDL to UDDI [5]

b) What is the need of categorization and identification of information in UDDI registry with an example [5]

c) How to publish a web service definition with multiple binding [2.5]


Marks : 1 x 20 = 20


16.  What is the significance of Model 2 architecture? Write the necessary steps to implement MVC using Request Dispatcher? Design MVC to display First name and last name in session. Use bean to store names, servlet to retrieve the bean from the session and populate it with first and last names and jsp page to display the results.











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