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B.Com- 2nd Sem English(Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab-2013)

Friday, 21 November 2014 10:36Nitika sharma

                                 B.Com - Second Semester


Time Allowed: 3 Hours                   Maximum Marks: 50          

                                      SECTION - A

A. Put in a/an or the:-

1) Can you recommend_______ good restaurant.

 2) My friend live in ______ old house in _____ small village.

 3) It`s beautiful day. Let`s sit in _____ garden.

 4) What`s _____ name of that man we met yesterday.

B.Put in little/ a little/few/a few:-

1) Doyou mind if i ask you ______ question.

2) Would you like milk in your coffee? Yes, _______.

3) I don`t think jill woul be a good teacher. She`s got ______ patience.

4) It`s nat a very interesting place to visit,  so _____ tourists come here.

C.Put in the correct preposition:-
(1) Kate is very  ______ her younger brother.

2) I`m not ashamed ________ what I did.

3) We`re short ________ staff in our college.

4) The Station platform was crowded _______ people waiting for the train.

D. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first:-

1) The misunderstanding was my fault, so I apologized.

I apologized ___________.

2) There are eleven players in a football team.

A football team consists ___________.

3) Sandra eats only bread and eggs.

She live _________.

4) Jane won the tournament, so I congratulated her.

I congratulated Jane_________.

E. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition:-

1) There has been an increase _______ the amount of traffic using this road.

2) What was the answer ________ question in 4 in the test.

3) Money isn`t the solution _______ every problem.

4) What was Emma`s reaction ________ the news?

                                       SECTION - B

A.Attempt any FIVE choosing atleast two questions from each prescribed text. The answer should not exceed fifteen lines each.

1) What happened when Kezia invited Kelveys to see the doll`s house? Sum-up the reaction of the Kelveys when they were shooed out by Aunt Beryl.

2) What is the message of the author in ''Toba Tek Singh'' ?

3) Comment on the significance of the title of the story''The Taboo''.

4) What is the significance of the name ''Prabhat ''?

5) Write a note on R.K.Narayan`s concept of beauty in ''Beauty and The Beast''?

6) Bring out the theme in''With A Song On Their Lips''?

7) What were the scholastic methods used by Miss Beam in her school?

8) What are methods adopted and used to combat and curb the dreadful disease called AIDS?

B. Give meaning of the following EIGHT words in English and use them in sentences of your own:-

1)   Rustled        2) Slide down      3) Ghastly      4) Mumble     5) Odour     6) Paragon    7) Avert    8) Tenure

cWrite a letter to a pen-friend of your who is living abroad describing to him one of the Indian Festivals.


Write a letter of complaint to your neighbour whose children spoil your garden.


                                      SECTION - C

A. Write a brief summary of ''My Financial career'' by Stephen Leacock.


Write in your  own words a summary of the story ''The Doll`s House''.

B. Read the following passage and answer the questions:-

       In the early days of the epidemic, men vastly outnumbered women among people infected with HIV. Indeed, it initially took the medical establishment some time and great deal of evidence before it accepted the very idea that HIV was a threat to women.  The proportion of females infected by HIV worldwide steadily grew until by 2002 about half of all people infected were women and girls. In Southern Africa, where almost every family have been touched by AIDS, infected females outnumbered males by as much as two to one in some age groups.


1) Is AIDS a greater threat to men or women?

2) What was the position in 2002?

3) What is the position in South Africa?

4) Give meanings of the words:-

a) Epidemic   b) Steadily    c) Initially    d) Outnumbered


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