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B.Com- 2nd Sem Computer Fundamentals(Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab-2013)

Thursday, 20 November 2014 10:57Nitika sharma

                                                                   B.Com - SECOND Semester

                                        (Computer Fundamentals)

Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                        Maximum Marks: 50

Note: Section A will consist of 12 short answer questions. Students will attempt any ten questions from this section. Each question in Section A carries one mark Section B and C will consist of four questions each. Students are required to attempt any two questions from each section. Each question in section B and C carries ten marks:

                                               SECTION - A


(a) What is the role of CPU in the computer system?

(b) Name any three input devices in computer system and briefly describe their functionality.

(c) How printer is different from plotter?

(d) What is the role of batch files in the DOS operating system?

(e) Name any three application software.

(f) Name any three system software.

(g) Briefly discuss types of RAM.

(h) What is computer software?

(i) How internal command of DOS is different from external command?

(j) How Windows based operating system is different from LINUX.

(k) What is the function of CHDIR command in DOS?

(l) Write the difference between OMR and OCR.

                                               SECTION - B

2. Discuss the generations of computer system. Also discuss few general features of computer system.

3. Discuss the various applications of computer system in detail.

4. What is the role of secondary storage devices in the computer system? How these are different from primary memory? Discuss few primary and secondary storage devices.

5. Write short notes on:

 (a) Types of computer system

 (b) Role of modem in computer and its types

                                               SECTION - C

6. What is the need of operating system in computer? Discuss the various functions of operating system in detail.

7. Discuss the features and functions of operating system in detail.

8. Write the syntax and functionality of following DOS commands:


9. Write short notes on the following:

 (a) Booting and its types

 (b) Machine level language, Assembly level language and High level language

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