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Pre University Board 2006 P.U.C Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology 2nd Chemistry - Question Paper

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New Scheme

Code No. 34-NS
Total No. of ques. : 39 ] [ Total No. of Printed Pages : 15
March / April, 2006


( Kannada and English Versions )
( New Syllabus )
Time : three Hours ] [ Max. Marks : 90

( English Version )

Instructions : i) The ques. paper has 4 Parts.
ii) Parts A, B, C and D are common to all the candidates.
iii) Part A carries 10 marks, every ques. carries 1 mark.
Part B carries 20 marks. every ques. carries 2 marks.
Part C carries 40 marks. every ques. carries 5 marks.
In Part D — D one carries 10 marks and D two carries
10 marks. every ques. of D two carries 5 marks.
iv) Write balanced chemical equations and draw diagrams
wherever necessary.


Note : i) ans all the 10 ques..
ii) ques. have to be answered in 1 word or in one
sentence every. every ques. carries 1 mark.
10 × one = 10
1. Out of carbon and zinc which is a stronger reducing agent ?
2. Why is Fe three + ion more stable than Fe two + ion ?
3. If the rate of the reaction is independent of concentration of the reactant,
what is the order of the reaction ?
4. Which noble gas is not adsorbed by charcoal ?
5. What is hydronium ion ?
6. What is the only factor on which the colligative property value depends ?
7. ranging from potassium nitrate and aluminium nitrate which 1 is needed in
minimum concentration to coagulate arsenious sulphide sol ?
8. Which is the organic product found when methyl magnesium iodide
reacts with formaldehyde followed by acid hydrolysis ?
9. Name the lowest stable cycloalkane.
10. How many amino acid units are current in insulin ?

Note : i) ans any ten ques..
ii) every ques. carries 2 marks. 10 × two = 20
11. Justify that concentrated sulphuric acid is a good dehydrating agent with
12. compute the bond order in oxygen molecule.
13. The time for half-life of a 1st order reaction is obtained to be 30 mins. What
is the rate constant of the reaction ?
14. describe Faraday’s 1st legal regulations of electrolysis.
15. What is a spontaneous reaction ? discuss with an example.
16. What is Tyndall effect ? discuss.
17. compute the number of particles current in the unit cell of BCC.
11 Code No. 34-NS
36 [ Turn over
18. Distinguish ranging from inductive effect and electromeric effect.
19. discuss the effect of the subsequent substituents on the acidity of phenol :
i) — CH three group
ii) — NO two group.
20. How is ethanamine prepared from ethane nitrile ?

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