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B.Pharm-B.Pharm 1st Year (Inorganic & Physical Chemistry)(Kerala University of Health Sciences-2014)

Friday, 31 October 2014 03:11Nitha

QP CODE:111006 (2012 - Scheme)                  Reg.No: ……………………..

    First Year B.Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations - March 2014
                                               (2012 - Scheme)
                           PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY - I
                                     (Inorganic & Physical Chemistry)



Time: 3 Hours                                                                    Total Marks: 100


• Answer all Questions.

• Write equations wherever necessary.


Essay (3x10=30)

1. What are saline cathartics and list examples. Mention the preparation and assay of ammonium chloride and magnesium hydroxide


2. Define topical agents Classify and explain its medicinal uses. How do you prepare selenium sulphide and hydrogen peroxide


3. Name major intra and extracellular electrolytes. Explain its biological significance. How do you assay calcium gluconate



Short notes (14x5=70)

4. Advantages of antacid combination therapy and mention examples

5. What is the importance of arsenic limit test and explain the procedure

6. What are dental products Classify and mention examples with its uses

7. Preparation, assay and uses of medicinal nitrogen

8. Explain the physiological role of selenium and iron

9. How do you assay ferrous sulphate What are its medicinal uses

10. What are pharmaceutical aids Mention the chemical formula and uses of sodium methylparaben and sodium bisulphite

11. Purified water

12. What are sclerosing agents. Mention examples and its uses

13. Dimercaprol and its application in pharmaceutical analysis

14. What is dipole moment. How it helps in understanding pharmaceuticals

15. Langmuir’s equation

16. With examples explain the precautions to be taken while handling radiopharmaceuticals

17. What is partition coefficient. What is the significance of knowing these parameters



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