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B.Pharm-B.Pharm 1st Year PHARMACEUTICS - I(Kerala University of Health Sciences-2014)

Thursday, 16 October 2014 10:41Nitha


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               First Year B.Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations - March 2014
                                                   (2010 - Scheme)
                                                PHARMACEUTICS - I
                                      (Dispensing and General Pharmacy)


Time: 3 Hours                                                                      Total Marks: 100


• Answer all Questions.
• Write equations wherever necessary.


Essay (3x10=30)

1. Describe in detail the simple maceration process for extraction of crude drugs. Explain as to how it differs from modified maceration process.

2. List the advantages of mixtures. Explain the general method of dispensing liquid preparations containing insoluble ingredients and precipitate forming liquids.

3. Classify different ointment bases used in the preparation of ointments and briefly describe each base.


Short notes (14x5=70)

4. Discuss the problem encountered while incorporating eutectic materials in the preparation of powder dosage form and explain how to solve this problem.

5. What are tolerated and adjusted incompatibilities and how they are corrected.

6. Mention the method of preparation of Calamine Lotion I.P.

7. Differentiate between  paste and jellies  ointment and paint

8. Briefly discuss the various types of physical incompatibilities with examples.

9. Explain the compression method of preparing suppositories

10. Explain the method of calculation to prepare 400ml of 45% alcohol from 95% alcohol.

11. Discuss handling of prescription.

12. Latin expansion and the english meaning of the following:
 sig.  s.o.s  p.r.n  p.p.a  prim.m

13. Discuss in brief the various methods used in the preparation of emulsions

14. What is the proof strength of 80%v/v and 45%v/v ethanol.

15. Describe the methods of preparing fresh and concentrated infusions

16. Mention the formulae to calculate dose according to Dilling’s formula and Fried’s formula

17. Mention the qualities of an ideal suppository base. What are the advantages and disadvantages of theobroma oil as a suppository base.



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