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B.Pharm-B.Pharm 1st Year PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY - I (Inorganic

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 12:31Nitha

QP CODE:101006 (Old Scheme)                             Reg.No: ……………………..
                First Year B.Pharm Degree Supplementary Examinations - August 2014
                                                           (2010 - Scheme)
                                    PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY - I
                                 (Inorganic & Physical Chemistry)

Time: 3 Hours                                                                             Total Marks: 100

• Answer all Questions.
• Write equations wherever necessary.


Essay (3x10=30)

1. Explain the theory of co-ordination compounds giving importance to its application in pharmacy and pharmaceutical analysis.
2. Explain the principle and procedure involved in the limit test for arsenic with neat labeled diagram of the apparatus.
3. What are the clinical applications of I131, Co58 and barium sulphate. Mention one method for measuring radioactivity.

Short notes (14x5=70)

4. Discuss the principle involved in the assay of calcium gluconate.
5. Name one inorganic compound each for the following uses:  antacids  protectives  anti-microbials  dentrifrices  expectorant
6. Explain the physiological role of iron and copper.
7. Explain the modified limit test for sulphates in potassium permanganate.
8. Define and classify antacids. Explain the combination therapy of antacids.
9. What are saline cathartics. Explain the assay of magnesium sulphate.
10. Explain the factors influencing adsorption.
11. Define refractive index. Explain the working of Abbe’s refractometer.
12. Derive the kinetic gas equation.
13. Complete and balance the following equations:-
 Na2S2O3 + I2
 Ca(OH)2 + Na2Co3
 NH4cl + HCHO
 Bi + HNO3
 KMno4 + (COOH)2 + H2So4
14. Oral rehydration salt.
15. Explain the monograph of I.P.
16. What are dental products. Explain the method of preparation, assay and use of sodium fluoride.
17. Antidotes and sodium nitrite.

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