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B.Sc-B.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem (West Bengal Institute of Technology (WBIT), Kolkata-2009)

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 12:44SHAILENDER KUMAR



                                PHYSIOLOGY ( GENERAL )

Time Allotted : 3                                                                         Hours Full Marks : 70

                              The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as

far as practicable.

                                                     GROUP – A

( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

1. Choose the correct alternatives for any ten of the following :

                                                                                                          10 X 1 = 10

i) A deep notch is present at the medial border of the

kidney, called

a) calyces                              b) renal pelvis

c) hilus                                   d) medulla.

ii) Tuft of capillary vessels which is surrounded by

Bowman's capsule is known as

a) Glomerulus

b) Malphigian corpuscles

c) Loop of Henle

d) Juxtaglomerular apparatus.


iii) Factor which converts prothrombin to thrombin is

a) Fibrinogen b) Thromboplastin

c) Platelets d) Fibrin.

iv) Third sound of heart occurs when

a) Atrio-ventricular valves open

b) Atrio-ventricular valves close

c) Semilunar valves open

d) Semilunar valves close.

v) Magnitude of current just sufficient to excite a nerve or

muscle is known as

a) Chronaxie b) Tetanus

c) Rheobase d) Rigor mortis.

vi) Normal volume of glomerular filtration is

a) 90 ml/min b) 125 ml/min

c) 200 ml/min d) none of these.

vii) Pulmonary artery carries

a) oxygenated flood

b) deoxygenated flood

c) all of these

d) none of these.

viii) Universal blood donor is a person having ..............


a) Group A               b) Group B

c) Group AB            d) Group O.


ix) Glucose is mainly reabsorbed from kidney via ................ .

a) Proximal tubule          b) Loop of Hente

c) Distal tubule               d) All of these.

x) Cells responsible for development of myelin sheath are


a) Glial cells b) Ependymal cells

c) Schwann cells d) Satellite cells.

xi) Blood coagulation factor IX is known as

a) Christmas factor

b) Stuart factor

c) Hageman factor

d) Labile factor.

                                                                GROUP – B

                                           ( Short Answer Type Questions )

Write short notes on any three of the following.

3 × 5 = 15

2. D.N.A.

3. Composition of urine.

4. Electrophoresis.

5. Thalassaemia.


                                                             GROUP – C

                                          ( Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following.

                                                                                                                  3 X 15 = 45

6. Describe briefly the structure of nephron with suitable

diagram. What is counter current exchange system ? On the

basis of location, classify the nephron present in human

kidney.                                                                                                       8 + 4 + 3

7. Explain cardiac cycle along with heart sounds produced

during different phases of the cycle. Discuss the regulatory

factors of cardiac output. What is the significance of blood

pressure ?                                                                                                 8 + 4 + 3

8. Discuss the EC coupling of the muscle contraction. Explain

All-or-None law and Einthoven's law.                                                       15

9. a) Describe the composition and functions of blood.

b) What is anaemia ? Discuss the different types of  

anaemia.                                                                                                     8 + 7


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