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North Maharashtra University 2008 B.A Political Science F.Y.Political - Question Paper

Monday, 04 February 2013 09:45Web

ques. Paper F.Y.B.A. Political
PAPER I :- Political w.e.f. 2008-2009

Objective ques. :
1. Which are the Houses of Indian Parliament?
2. State the tenure of representative of both houses.
3. State the strength of members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
4. Which is the upper and the lower house in Indian Parliament?
5. Write any 2 characteristics of the Lok Sabha.
6. State the importance of the speaker of the Lok Sabha.
7. Write any 2 function of speaker of Lok Sabha.
8. State any 2 critiques on Rajyasabha.
9. Who is the current speaker of the Lok sabha and from when.
10. State the eligibility for the membership of Loksabha.
11. Write any 2 powers of speaker of Rajyasabha.
12. Write any 2 important functions of Loksabha.
13. Which and how many houses of state legislature are there?
14. Write any 2 functions of Vidhansabha.
15. Which are the conditions for membership of Vidhan Parishad.
16. Write the name and party of the current speaker of the Vidhan Sabha.
17. Write any 2 functions of the speaker of Vidhansabha.
18. State 2 differences ranging from Vidhansabha and Vidhan parishad.
19. Essentiality of Vidhan Parishad; state in 2 phrases.
20. Write any 2 functions of Vidhan Parishad.
Short ans Questions:
1. Composition of Rajyasabha.
2. Functions of Loksabha.
3. Status of Rajyasabha.
4. Powers of Rajyasabha.
5. Characteristics of Rajyasabha.
6. Powers of Rajyasabha speaker.
7. Functions of speaker of Loksabha.
8. Instruments o members of Parliaments used in house of parliament.
9. Role of speaker of Rajyasabha.
10. Composition of Vidihan Parishad.
11. Importance of Vidhan Parishad.
12. Powers of Vidhan Parishad.
13. Functions of VidhanSabha.
14. Powers of the Speaker of Vidhansabha.
15. Status of speaker of Vidhan Parishad.
Broad ques. :
1. Examine critically the role of Rajya sabha.
2. discuss the powers and functions of Rajya sabha.
3. Lok Sabha is more powerful house than Rajya Sabha; “comment”.
4. discuss the composition and functions of Rajya Sabha.
5. what are the powers and functions of Laok sabha.
6. discuss the powers and functions of speaker of lok-sabha.
7. discuss the role of speaker of lok sabha.
8. Relation ranging from Legislature and Executive discuss.
9. Indian cabinet is responsible to legislature. explain.
10. Examine the role of Vidhan Parishad.
11. State the role of the speaker of Vidhan sabha.
12. Vidhan sabha is more powerful than vidhan-Parishad. discuss.
13. State an account about powers and functions of Vidhan Sbha.
14. discuss the powers and function of speaker of Vidhan sabha.

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