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Madras University (UnOM) 2007 Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya) - Question Paper

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 05:10Web

Time: 3 hours Maximum: 100 marks
1.Annotate any 5 of the following, choosing atleast
2 every from PART A, PART B:(5*2=10)
(a) Students must emerge as complete human beings capable
of taking their proper place in soceity.
(b)I guess no power on earth can save me.
(c)In my opnion all telephone numbers are wrong numbers.
(d) We are not on speaking terms with dogs.

(e)We meet and part now over all the world.
We, the lost company.
(f)-and my work becomes an endless toil
in a shoreless sea of toil.
(g)The river which he claims he loves
Is dry and all the winds lie dead.
(h)That woman died
The house withdrew into silence, snakes moved
Among books.
2.(a) Write a snippet in about 100 words on the following:(5)
Jagadish Chandra bose - born- 30th November 1858
College in calcutta - London - Professor in Presidency
College - proved - plants have life.
(b) Use 2 of the subsequent expressions in phrases of your own:(4)
(i) fall apart (ii)give up (iii)call off (iv) look after.
(c)Complete the subsequent phrases with a dependent clause or an independent clause :(4)
(i) If you work hard -------------------
(ii)------------------ what he says.
(d) accurate the subsequent phrases :(4)
(i)One of my friend has gone to london.
(ii)Bread and butter are good for our health.
(iii)Two hundred rupees are a meagre salary.
(iv)Mathematics are his weakest subject.
(e)Rewrite the phrases in the right order :(1)
But I see I must now stop using them
My own business happen to be with the use of words
(f) Write the accurate spelling of th efollowing words:
(i) preyer (ii)telaphone (iii)ecalogy (iv)rabit.
3.Answer any 6 of the subsequent in about 100 words every
choosing atleast 1 from every of the subsequent PART A,B,C, D:
(a)What are the 3 characteristics of human rights?
(b)Explain the concept of slavery as revaled in the poem A Negro Laboutrer in Liver pool
(c)Explain the term deforestation.
(d)Write a not eon psychology and prayer.
(e) Why does Plomer dislike to use the public telephone?
(f)How does Dr. Radhakrishnan discuss the sprit of actual religion?
(g)Write a not eon the publishment of Prometheus.
(h)How does Judith Wright discuss the concept of modern love?
(i) define the life of an urban dweller during the night time.
(j) define themeeting ranging from the astrologer and his enemy.
(k)In what way is the millionarie a fit model?
(l)Write a note on the use of irony in Khushwant Singh's The Interview.
4.Answer any 4 of the subsequent in about 250 words every choosing
atleast 1 from every Part :(4*10=40 )
(a)What are the principles of Human rights?
(b)Explain why eve teasing takes place. Suggest measures to prevent it.
(c)In what way does forest help us?
(d)What are according to Prince Philip is the role of the Universities?
(e)Write an essay on the humour in On not answering the telephone.
(f)Write an essay on nature conservation.
(g)How does A.D.Hope look upon the storyof Prometheus Unbound?
(h)Attempt a critical appreciation of The Company of Lovers.
(i)What are picture of urban lige is revealed by Eziekel?
(J)How does the astrologer escape from his enemy?
(k)Narrate the story of The Model Millionaire.
(l)Bring out the humour in The Interview.

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