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Madras University (UnOM) 2008 Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya) B.A , - exam paper

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B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2008 ques. paper



( 3rd YEAR )

( PART - III )

( PAPER - X )


( Including Lateral Entry and Double Degree )

May ] [ Time : three Hours
Maximum : 100 Marks

I. Annotate any 5 of the subsequent passage

not omitting any group : (5 × four = 20)


1. May the sins of your previous birth
be burned away to night, they stated.2. How often I think of going
there, to peer through blind eyes of
windows or
Just listen to the frozen air.
3. The poets sang of the floods.
4. Being the burning kind
he burned properly
at the cremation.
5. Now, I make money, and as I know it is all
for this dear boy, earning becomes a joy to
6. Not a bit : it has been no loss to me at all :
you have taught me how to be happy selling
7. It is a land of wonders; it?s a haunt of bird?s
No men are there; and they neither speak
nor walk, they simply sing and they fly.
8. All pain is gone. How fresh and open! I can
see all the stars twinkling from the other side
of the dark.
9. You have abolished the landlord system. I was
not able to do it without using methods of
10. A fallen and prostrate India cannot be
of any help to herself or to the world. A free
and enlightened India can be of help to herself
and to the world.
11. We must feel the pulse of our being that there
is God in this world.
12. Lead me from unreal to the real, from death
to immortality, from darkness to light.
II. Annotate any 4 of the subsequent passage
not omitting any part : (4 × 20 = 80)
part ? A
1. How does Ezekiel portray the rural India
scene in ?The Night of the scorpion? ?
2. What light does ?A River? throw on the poetic
qualities of A.K. Ramanujan ?
3. Consider ?Our casuarina Tree? an auto
biographical poem.
4. What is Nehru?s contribution to enrich our
heritage according to Dr.S. Radhakrishnan ?
5. How does Dr. Radhakrishnan compare
Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda ?
6. Comment on Nirad Chaudri?s title ?To Live or
Not to Live?.
part ? C
7. Bring out the dramatic achievements of
Aurobindo from Perseus, the Deliverer.
8. explain the theme of the play The Dumb
9. Do you agree with the view that The Post
Office is a poignant tale of human bondage ?
part ? D
10. Raju in The Guide was a victim of
circumstances, both in his early life and in his
later life. ? explain.
11. How does Mulk Raj Anand champion the
reason of untouchables in his novel ?
12. Consider Kushwant Singh?s Train to Pakistan
as a partition novel

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