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Madras University (UnOM) 2007 B.C.A Computer Application - Question Paper

Monday, 12 August 2013 02:25Web

NOVEMBER 2007 O.S 46408/PK3D
Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks

PART A----(10*3=30 marks)
ans any TEN ques.
1.What is process?
2.What is I/O burst?
3.What do youmeant by unsafe state?
4.What is Deadlock?
5.What is called compaction?
6.What is meant by physical address?
7.What is thrashing?
8.Define the term virtual memory?
9.Define the term threat monitoring.
10.What is encryption?
11.What do you meant by concurrency?
12.Define Segmentation.

PART B---(5*6=30 MARKS)
ans any 5 ques..
13.What do you mean by time sharing system?
14. Differentiate ranging from processes and threads
15.What do you mean by deadlock recovery?
16.Discusses in detail about demand paging.
17.Discuss the any 1 page replacement algorithm for
implemention memory management.
18. Write a note on file management systems.
19.Discuss on Authentication

PART C---(10*4=40 MARKS)

20. define different objectives and functions of operating systems.
21. discuss deadlock avoidance with an example.
22. explain in detail about internal and external fragmentation.
23. explain in detail about any 2 scheduling algorithms.
24. explain in detail about secondary storage structures.
25.Discuss the subsequent classical issue of synchronization.
(a) The learners /writers issue.
(b) The dining philosophers issue.


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