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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada 2010 B.Pharm Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy - Question Paper

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Subject Code: R7304 (JNTU-K)
II B. Pharmacy II Semester Regular Examination, April-2010
Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy

Time: three Hours Maximum Marks: 80

Note: 1) ans any 5 ques. from the subsequent.
2) All ques. carry equal marks.

Ques one a) What is the prescription? discuss different kinds of prescription.
Ques one b) What is posology? Write various formulae for the computation of child dose.
Ques one c) What is proof spirit? obtain the strength of 90% v/v alcohol in terms of proof spirit.

Ques two a) Identify the incompatibilities in the subsequent prescriptions and write the suitable method for dispensing of these prescriptions.
i) Rx

Menthol 5gm
Camphor 5gm
Ammonium chloride 30gm
Light magnesium carbonate 60gm

Make an insufflation.
ii) Rx

Quinine sulphate 1.5gm
Dilute sulphuric acid 4ml
Potassium iodide 8gm
Water 200ml

Make a mixture.
Ques two b) describe suppository and displacement value with its importance.

Ques three a) compute for the preparation of 500ml of 70% alcohol from 80% and 30% alcohols available with you.
Ques three b) discuss about Soxhlet extraction method with a neat sketch and write the merits and demerits with its applications.

Ques four a) Write the various kinds of ointment bases with their merits and demerits.
Ques four b) Write a note on w/o emulsifying agents.

Ques five a) explain the sources of the errors in dispensing.
Ques five b) Write about effervescent powders giving examples.
Ques five c) What is unit dose dispensing?
Ques five d) How would you prepare 30ml of one in 10,000 solution of CuSO4.

Ques six a) discuss the functions of drug info center in hospital.
Ques six b) discuss different methods of drug distribution to outpatients.

Ques seven a) Write about the organization of central sterile supply unit.
Ques seven b) What is 'Pharmacy' and 'Therapeutic Committee'? elaborate the functions of PTC?

Ques eight a) explain the legal aspects in dispensing of medicines in a retail shop.
Ques eight b) discuss various methods of inventory control.

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