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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada 2010 B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Unit Operations-II - Question Paper

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Subject Code: R7301 (JNTU-K)
II B. Pharmacy II Semester Regular Examination, April-2010
Pharmaceutical Unit Operations-II

Time: three Hours Maximum Marks: 80

Note: 1) ans any 5 ques. from the subsequent.
2) All ques. carry equal marks.

Ques one a) discuss the concepts of emissivity and absorptivity of a black body and gray body.
Ques one b) provide the expression for the flow of heat through a thick walled cylinder.
Ques 1c) Counter-current heat exchangers are more efficient than parallel current heat exchangers. discuss.

Ques two a) discuss how multiple effect evaporator is more economical than single effect evaporator with a neat diagram.
Ques two b) define the construction and working of 1 of the film evaporator and mention advantages of it over natural circulation evaporators.

Ques three a) Mention the factors influencing the efficiency of fractional distillation.
Ques three b) Distinguish ranging from plate columns and packed towers. define the kinds of packing for rectifying columns. How is absolute alcohol made?

Ques four a) Classify dryers. Compare Freeze drying with Spray drying.
Ques four b) Giving a diagram, discuss the working of a vacuum drum dryer. What parameters would you prescribe for drying a heat sensitive drug solution in such a drier?

Ques five a) What is the principle involved in size reduction by hammer mill and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.
Ques five b) define 1 equipment used for size reduction and for proper mixing of coarse dispersions with its drawbacks.

Ques six a) define the factors influencing the process of mixing.
Ques six b) Classify the equipments used for solids mixing and discuss about Planetary mixer.

Ques seven a) discuss unit operations control, unit process control, and plant level control.
Ques seven b) define with examples, the applications of automatic process control systems in pharmaceutical industry.

Ques 8) provide a note on:
a) Azeotropic distillation
b) Twin shell blender
c) Critical moisture content
d) Tray dryer

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