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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham 2007 B.C.A Computer Application Accounts management - Question Paper

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B.C.A. May 2007.
Accounts management
Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks
ans any 4 ques..
All ques. carry equal marks.
1. (a) What are the Functions of Accounting?
(b) Mention the different Branches of Accounting.
2. (a) What are the features of Accounting Principles?
(b) What is the place of conservatism and consistency in Accounting?
3. (a) How are Accounts classified? elaborate the rules for Journalising?
(b) What are the objectives of preparation of Trial Balance?
4. Following are the balances extracted from the books of a Trader for the year ending June 30, 2005. Prepare Trading and Profit and Loss Account and a Balance sheet as on 30th June, 2005.

Dr. Cr.
Cash in hand 1,200
Sales 2,14,500
Cash at Bank 2,750
Drawings 7,500
Returns outwards 1,325
Capital 85,000
Purchases 1,62,500
Returns inwards 2,500
Creditors 10,500
Wages 6,250
Fuel and Power 5,500
Carriage on sales 2,200
Carriage on purchases 1,800
Opening stock 24,000
Freehold land 21,500
Machinery 40,500
Bills Payable 4,500
Patents 7,500
Salaries 12,000
General Expenses 625
Debtors 25,500
Rent Receivable 8,000
3,23,825 3,23,825
Adjustments :
(a) Closing stock is valued at Rs. 18,900.
(b) Bad debts amount to Rs. 1,500 and a reserve of 5% is to be maintained for doubtful debtors.
(c) Interest on capital is charged at 6% p.a. while interest on drawings amount to Rs. 450.
(d) There was a loss of hire Rs. 8,000 and Insurance Company admitted a claim for Rs. 6,000 only.
(e) Depreciation is given at 5% on patents and on machinery.
5. Rama commenced business of a cloth merchant on first April 2004 with a capital of Rs. 10,000. On the identical day, he purchased furniture for cash Rs. 3,000. From the following particulars maintained from his book kept by Single Entry System you are asked to prepare Trading and Profit and Loss Account for the year ending 31st March, 2005 and a
Balance sheet as on that date :
Sales (inclusive of cash Rs. 47,000) 1,17,000
Purchases (inclusive of cash Rs. 14,000) 95,000
Rama’s Drawings 11,200
Salaries 12,000
Bad Debts 500
Business Expenses 10,700
Rama took cloth worth Rs. 500 from the shop for private use and paid Rs. 200 to his son, but omitted to record those transactions in his books. On 31st March 2005, his Debtors were Rs. 5,200 and Creditors Rs. 13,600. Closing stock on 31st March, 2005 was Rs. 16,500.
6. (a) Explain the Nature of Financial Statements.
(b) Distinguish ranging from External Analysis and Internal Analysis.
7. (a) What are the uses of ‘Ratio Analysis’?
(b) The subsequent info of a company is provided
Current ratio 2.5:1 ;
Liquid ratio 1.5:1
Current liabilities Rs. 50,000.
Find out
(i) Current Assets
(ii) Liquid Assets
(iii) Inventory.
8. Following is the Profit and Loss Account of a Company for the year ended 31st December 2005 :
Rs. Rs.
To opening stock 1,00,000 By sales 5,60,000
To purchases 3,50,000 By closing stock 1,00,000
To wages 9,000
To Gross profit 2,01,000
6,60,000 6,60,000
Rs. Rs.
To Administrative expenses 20,000 By Gross profit 2,01,000
To Selling and Distribution expenses
89,000 By Interest on Investments
To Non-operating
30,000 By Profit on sales of investments
To Net profit 80,000
2,19,000 2,19,000
You are needed to compute
(a) Gross Profit Ratio
(b) Net Profit Ratio
(c) Operating Ratio
(d) Operating Profit Ratio
(e) Administrative Expenses Ratio.

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