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Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC) 2004 M.C.A 207 Front-End Design Tools - Question Paper

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Third Semester [MCA] - DECEMBER 2004
Paper Code: MCA 207 Subject: Front-End Design Tools
Time: three Hours Maximum Marks: 60

Q. 1. (a) Name Visual Basic’s primary windows. Out of these which 1 is used
as application’s background?
(b) How does grid help us to align controls on the form?
(c) elaborate controls for? Write down 3 broad categories of controls in VB.
discuss them briefly.

Q. 2. (a) How does an application respond to event when so many events can
happen at any time?
(b) Differentiate ranging from following:-
(b) Differentiate ranging from following:-
(i) Picture box and Image box
(ii) List box and combo box
(iii) Design Mode and Run Mode
(c) What is wrong with subsequent variable definition?
(i) Dim height as integer.
(ii) Global x3=189
(iii) Global constant flag as integer.

Q. 3. (a) Write a procedure to create a pop-up menu on a form.
(b) What is ADO? How is it differs from a simple data control?
(c) List and define 3 specialized controls that use ADO to communicate
with any database.

Q. 4. (a)Write down code for subsequent :-
User wants to display subsequent message as label’s caption as soon as
application begins.
“Today is working Day” if Current day is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, or Friday.
Else “Today is Holiday”
(b) Write down single statement for every of the following: - 4
(i) Check if the value of numeric variable I is greater than 15. If yes,
then print “greater” in label’s display.
(ii) Assign the value returned from a function ‘Input Box’ to the
integer variable ‘User input’ Function input box should display
the message “Enter your input” and input box title bar should
display “Data Input”.
(c) What is scope of a variable? In how many ways variable scope can be described.
discuss giving example. 1+1+3

Q. 5. (a) What is difference among SDI and MDI? When MDI is preferred over
SDI? Also name a 3rd interface style which is becoming more popular over
SDI and MDI.
(b) What is help file? How can we create a help file for any VB application?
Write down complete steps. 2+4
(c) How can we access individual array element and control array elements? 1

Q. 6. (a) From where do the time and date function get their values? define
the purpose of Timer () function. What is the most important property (which is
to be set) where using timer () function.
(b) What is difference ranging from Active X control and OLE control? Write down
three controls names for every. How can an active X control be added to tool
bar. 2+2+2
(c) What is Dynaset-type? provide its usage. 2

Q. 7. (a) User has created a “COMPANY” database in MS-Access. Now he
wants to access it through VB. Write down complete steps to open his DB
through VB. 3
(b) In how many ways user can retrieve data from a table and get is display on
the form. Which important properties are to be set for accessing a table? 2+3
(c) What is COM/DCOM? How an external worksheet designed in MS-Excel
may be accessed in VB environments? 2+2

Q. 8. (a) When a crystal report utility preferred over data report? Why?
(b) calculate outcomes for subsequent statements:- 3
(i) Ans = int (-40.50)
(ii) Ans=int(40.50) (Ans is integer)
(iii) Astr = Mid $ (“Examination”,3,4) (aster is string)
(c) Write a procedure that asks the user for entering his birth date. If user enters
valid date (if invalid keep on taking new values), then display a message box
showing “Eligible for Voting” if his age is more than 17. If his age is more than
65 then display ”Elder citizen” else display “Not eligible for voting”. 4
(d) describe debugging? Which kinds of fault are detected using debugging?
What is the usage of immediate window? 1+1+1

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