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Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC) 2003 M.C.A 206 Software Engineering - Question Paper

Saturday, 02 February 2013 12:30Web

Fourth Semester [MCA] - MAY 2003
Paper Code: MCA 206 Subject: Software Engineering
Time: three Hours Maximum Marks: 60

Q. 9. (a) discuss the significance of Software Engineering. explain the advantages of
using any software standard for software development. (5)
(b) List the difference of CMM and ISO 9001. Why is it suggested that CMM is
the better option than ISO 9001. (7)

Q. 10. (a) Show why and how software metrics can improve the software
process. Enumerate the effect of metrics on software productivity.
(b)Write a program in C for the computation of the roots of a quadratic formula.
obtain out its all software science metrics. (7)

Q. 11. (a) What is risk? Is it economical to do risk management? Analyze a
learner project and list the risks.
(b) discuss the Putnam Resource Allocation model. (7)

Q. 12. (a) elaborate the linkages ranging from data flow and E-R diagram?
(b) An airline reservation is an association ranging from a passenger, a flight, and a
seat. choose a few pertinent attributes for every of these entity kinds and represent
airline reservation in an E-R diagram. (7)

Q. 13. (a) If a few existing modules are to be re-used in building a new system,
which design strategy is used and why?
(b) describe module coupling and discuss various kinds of coupling. (7)

Q. 14. (a) Consider a program for the determination of the nature of roots of a
quadratic formula. Its input is a triple of positive integers (say a, b, c) and
value may be from [1, 100]. The program output may have 1 of the subsequent
words: [not a quadratic equation; Real Roots; Imaginary Roots; Equal Roots].
Design the boundary value test cases. (7)
(b) Consider a small program and show, why it is practically impossible to do
exhaustive testing. (5)

Q. 15. (a) Annual change Traffic (ACT) in a software system is 25% per year.
The initial development cost was Rs. 20 Lacs. Total lifetime for the software is
10 years. What is the total cost of the software system? (6)
(b)What is reverse engineering? discuss the different levels of reverse
engineering. (6)

Q. 16. (a) Write short notes on Any two:
(i) Logarithmic Poisson Reliability Model
(ii) Configuration Management
(iii)Function Count

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