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Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) 2006 B.A chelor in Information Technology (BIT) - exam paper

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:40Web

Bachelor in info Technology (BIT)

Time : two hours
Maximum Marks: 60

Note: All ques. from part A are compulsory. ans any 2 ques. from part B. All objectiue kind ques. carry 1 mark every.

part A

1. What key combination takes you to the 1st column in a row in a spreadsheet from anywhere in that row ? (1)

(a) Shift + Home
(b) Home
(c) Control + Home
(d) Control + ?

2. How can you choose a range in a spreadsheet ? (1)

(a) Go to beginning, shift key pressed, drag with mouse till end of range
(b) identical as (a) but with control key pressed
(c) identical as (a) but with Alt key pressed
(d) Not possible

3. How can you put a new line within a cell ? (1)

(a) Use Enter key
(b) Press Alt + Enter
(c) Press Shift + Enter
(d) Press Control + Enter

4. Which key combination will undo your last action ? (1)

(a) Control-Y
(b) Alt-Y
(c) Control ?
(d) Alt ?

5. What is the width (in terms of behaviour) of a double in Java ? (1)

(a) 4
(b) Compiler dependent
(c) 8
(d) 2

6. Which of the subsequent changes to a font is not possible in Excel ? (1)

(a) Bold
(b) Superscript
(c) Changing angle of italics
(d) Changing angle of orientation in a cell

7. In which case would you get an fault message when trying to insert a row ? (1)

(a) Only 1st row has data
(b) Only last row has data
(c) The row above is blank
(d) Both 1st and last rows have data

8. Which of the subsequent is false about an import statement ? (1)

(a) Must be the 1st statemente in a file
(b) Can be preceded by a comment
(c) Can be preceded by a package statement
(d) Can be preceded by any statement other than package

9. The final modifier cannot appear before a (1)

(a) class
(b) method
(c) variable
(d) statement

10. The value of an instance variable not explicitly assigned is (1)

(a) 0
(b) null
(c) random
(d) undefined

11. (a) Write a Java program to input 2 arrays with the identical number of elements. The output should be an array where every element is the product of the 2 corresponding elements in the input arrays. (10)

(b) How would you insert a pie-chart in a separate sheet in a workbook to show the values in a few column of the spreadsheet ? define the main choices you can change for the chart. (10)

part B

ans any 2 ques. from this part.

12. Distinguish ranging from the subsequent : (15)

(a) Inner class and static nested class
(b) Private and protected class member modifier
(c) Character class and char data kind
(d) Case and default keywords
(e) While and do-while loops

13. (a) define with suitable examples the different facilities available in Excel for auditing formulae. (9)

(b) discuss briefly (6)

(i) Volatile variable
(ii) Casts
(iii) Interfaces

14. (a) Write a Java program to input a natural number n and output the sum of the 1st n natural numbers. Use recursion. (8)

(b) In a Spreadsheet you need to highlight every cell in a column with blue if its value is 0, with red if the value is negative with green if its value is positive. How will you do this? Also define how you will organize for the column to show only positive values. (7)

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