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Gujarat Technological University 2010 B.Pharm Pharmacognosy - I - exam paper

Saturday, 20 July 2013 01:10Web

B. Pharm
Second Semester Examination, June 2010
Subject Code - 220005
Pharmacognosy - I

Time: three Hrs. Total Marks: 80
1) Attempt any 5 ques..
2) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Ques one a) describe the term Pharmacognosy; Write the scope and development of it. 06
Ques one b) What is morphology? describe root and add note on changes of roots for storage. 05
Ques one c) describe carbohydrates and add notes on Isabgul and Guar gum. 05

Ques two a) describe crude drugs, classify them, and discuss chemical classification with suitable example. 06
Ques two b) Differentiate ranging from monocot and dicot leaf, both morphologically and microscopically. 05
Ques two c) describe placentation. define various kinds of it with suitable example. 05

Ques three a) describe alkaloids, classify them and write their pharmacological action. 06
Ques three b) elaborate trichomes? Write various kinds of trichomes and their function in plants. 05
Ques three c) Write the factors influencing cultivation of medicinal plants. 05

Ques four a) describe the term tissue culture and write its importance in pharmacognosy. 06
Ques four b) Write notes on meiosis and mitosis. 05
Ques four c) Write short notes on: 05
1) Herbarium
2) Fracture in bark

Ques five a) What do you mean by active constituents? discuss with suitable examples. 06
Ques five b) elaborate lipids? Classify them and provide complete pharmacognosy of castor oil. 05
Ques five c) describe terms with suitable examples for: 05
1) Breathing roots
2) Stilt root
3) Parasitic root
4) Tap root

Ques six a) describe adulteration of crude drugs. explain various kinds of adulterants and its microscopic evaluations. 06
Ques six b) What is fruit? Classify them with suitable examples. Write notes on fleshy fruits. 05
Ques six c) elaborate stomata? Write kinds of stomata and its functions. 05

Ques seven a) elaborate plant hormones? Add note on growth regulators and their applications. 06
Ques seven b) discuss the terms: 05
1) Polyploidy
2) Mutation

Ques seven c) Write short note on: 05
1) Hybridization
2) Monocot and Dicot Seed

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