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Gujarat Technological University 2009 B.Pharm Pharma Chemistry-II - Question Paper

Saturday, 20 July 2013 12:40Web

B. Pharm (GTU)
2nd Semester Examination, June-2009
Pharma Chemistry-II

Time: three Hours Total Marks: 80
1) Attempt any 5 ques..
2) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 a) Comments on the following: (06)
i) Dilution of H2SO4 with water is an endothermic reaction.
ii) Photochemical reaction follows 2nd order kinetics.
iii) Liquification process depends on temperature and pressure both.
b) Derive reaction rate constant, half life and graph of 1st order reaction kinetics. (05)
c) Define "Activation energy" of a chemical reaction, how is it determined? (05)
Q.2 a) Differentiate ranging from the following: (06)
1) Physical absorption versus Chemisorption.
2) Homo catalysis versus hetero catalysis.
3) Photochemical reaction versus thermochemical reaction.
b) Write a note on Giger muller counter (05)
c) Write applications of the radioactivity (05)
Q.3 a) discuss any 3 terms: (06)
1) Degree of freedom
2) Azeotropic mixture
3) Colligative properties
4) Parachor.
b) What is adsorption? discuss Langmuir adsorption isotherm. (05)
c) Write application of adsorptions. (05)
Q.4 a) Write briefly about different kinds of thermodynamic processes. (06)
b) Define thermodynamics. discuss 1st legal regulations of thermodynamics. (05)
c) Write in detail about enthalpy of the system and molar heat capacities. (05)
Q.5 a) describe quantum yield of a photochemical reactions giving reasons for high and low quantum yield.
b) Write about beer-lambert's legal regulations for photochemical reaction. (05)
c) Write about Debye-huckle theory. (05)
Q.6 a) What is phase rule? explain water system with reference to phase rule. (06)
b) Define molarity and molality. compute the normality of a solution containing 25.2g of oxalic acid crystals (Molecular weight: 126) dissolved in 500ml of solution. (05)
c) State and discuss Henry's legal regulations. (05)
Q.7 a) Write about different methods for the estimation of surface tension. (06)
b) Write in detail about factors affecting viscosity. (05)
c) Write a note on optical rotation.

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