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West Bengal Institute of Technology (WBIT) 2009 B.C.A Computer Application - 104 PC Software ( ) - Question Paper

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Full Marks : 70

Time Allotted : 3 Hours

The figures in the margin indicate Jull marks.

Cn    are required to give their answers In their own words

as far as practicable.

GROUP-A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions)

b) Audio file

iv)    HTML stands for

a)    Hypertext Markup Literature

b)    Hypertext Markdown Language

c)    Hypertext Market Literature

d)    Hypertext Markup Language.

v)    Which of the following is non-linear printer ?

a) Line Printer    b) Dot Matrix c) LaserJet d) Daisy Wheel.

vi)    Filter is created for

a) Filtering tab    b) Filtering

c) Finding information d) None of these.

vii)    Windows provides a temporary area called

a) memory    b) paste

c) clipboard    d) all of these.

viii)    An icon is a

a)    file

b)    shortcut

c)    navigation tool

d)    pictorial representation of files and folders.

ix)    An operating system is a

a)    collection of executable programs

b)    system software

c)    bridge between user and computer hardware

d)    all of these.

x)    OLE stands for

a)    Object Locking Environment

b)    Object Linking Environment

c)    Object Latch Environment

d)    None of these.    /

GROUP-B (Short Answer Type Questions)

Answer any three of the following. 3x5=15

2.    What is word-wrap ? Describe auto correct feature. 2 + 3

3.    What is Watermark picture ? How to apply it on a picture ?

2 + 3

4.    a) Explain the term Hyphenation in MS-Word.

b) Write down the steps for implementing Hyphenation in MS-Word.    2 + 3

5.    What is the significance of Page Set-up ? How will make a page set-up in MS-Word.    5

6.    Write short notes on the following :    2 x 21

a)    Macro

b)    Windows explorer.

GROUP-C (Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following. 3 x 15 = 45

7.    a) Explain the process of adding and deleting sides In a

power point presentation. Describe different steps for creating an animated slide presentation.    2 + 4

b)    Write the steps of database creation.    4

c)    Describe how charts are created In Excel. What are legends in Excel ?    3 + 2

8.    a) What is hyperlink ? What is lookup wizard ? Describe

the relationship creation between tables.    2 + 2 + 4

b) What is duplicate query and unmatched query ? What is pivot table ? Explain its features.    2 + 2 + 3

9.    a) ..What is the default size of recycle bin ?    1

b)    Write down the differenceis between CUI and GUI. 3

c)    What is warm booting and cold booting ?    2

d)    What is an operating system ? What are its different features ?    2 + 3

e)    What is the use of Control Panel icon in MS-Windows ? Write down at least two features of Control Panel.    2 + 2

10.    a) Write down the characteristic of Windows 98.

b)    What is USB ?

c)    What is a Chart in Excel ?

d)    Write a short note about My Computer. 4 + 2 + 3 + 6

11.    a) What is Validation Checking ? Write the steps to create

a Validation Checking.

b)    What is a Pivot Table and Pivot Chart ? It is under which menu ?

c)    Write down the steps to create a Pivot Table and what are the uses of this kind of table ?



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