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University of Rajasthan 2007 B.E Computer Science Multimedia Systems - Question Paper

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(New 4 Year Semester Scheme)

(Exam. of 2007 held in Jan. 2008)

[Branch: Computer Engineering]
(common with E.C.)

Paper VII


Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks-80

Attempt any 5 ques..
All ques. carry equal marks.

1.(a) elaborate the main properties of Multimedia System? discuss in detail. [Marks:8]

(b) What is Multimedia System? describe various kind of media. [Marks:8]

2.(a) describe all the steps of Image Recognition process. [Marks:8]

(b) What is Dithering? Why is it important? [Marks:8]

3.(a) describe MPEG. discuss video encoding in MPEG. [Marks:6]

(b) elaborate the MIDI interface components? [Marks:4]

(c) elaborate basic sound concepts? [Marks:6]

4.(a) describe Frame, Track, Area and blocks of a CD-DA. elaborate the advantages of CD-DA? [Marks:8]

(b) describe various modes of CD-ROM in detail. [Marks:8]

5.(a) How do image processing and image recognition help in multimedia application? [Marks:8]

(b) How does image preparation take place in H.261? discuss different methods of coding used by H.261 standard. [Marks:8]

6.(a) What is Real Time Operating System? discuss its different features. [Marks:6]

(b) describe Process Management for Real Time System. [Marks:5]

(c) define various kinds of Disk Scheduling. [Marks:5]

7.(a) How are monotonic algorithms used to control the different managements of the Operating System? [Marks:8]

(b) Distinguish ranging from Synchronous. Asynchronous and Isochronous modes data-stream transfer. [Marks:8]

8. Write short note on any 2 of the following:-

(a) Huffman Encoding

(b) Multimedia File System

(c) Lip Synchronization

(d) Hypertext, Hypermedia and Multimedia [Marks:8x2]

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