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University of Rajasthan 2007 B.E Computer Science Internet Technologies - Question Paper

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(New 4 Year Semester Scheme)

(Exam. of 2007 held in Jan. 2008)

[Branch: Computer Engineering]

Paper VII


Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks-80

Attempt any 5 ques..
All ques. carry equal marks.

1. discuss all steps for accessing Internet by 'leased line connection' on a provided operating system? How it differs from dial-up Internet connection. [Marks: 10+6]

2. Suppose you have to convert the existing LAN (Local Area Network) system of your college intranet system. discuss all steps needed to establish this new Intranet system? Also provide advantages of Intranet Over LAN System. [Marks: 10+6]

3.(a) discuss different protocols used for sending and receiving messaging by an E-mail program.

(b) What is the role of different E-mail Headers in E-mail? [Marks: 8+8]

4.(a)What do you understand by 'Digital Telephony'? How it can be implemented as an ISDN application?

(b) What is 'Multi-point Conferencing'? discuss H.323 Protocols used for it? [Marks: 8+8]

5.(a) You have to develop your college website as your degree project, discuss different steps that you will follow?

(b) What is web traffic and Log Files? How Log File is useful in analyzing web traffic? [Marks: 8+8]

6. What is Domain Name System? How it is Useful for Internet. Also discuss Static Host Configuration and Dynamic Host Configuration. Which 1 is better and why? [Marks: 4*4]

7. What is Network Operating System? discuss Network Card, Cabling, Hub and Routers? [Marks: 6+10]

8. Write short notes on any four:-

(a) ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

(b) Filtering of E-mail

(c) Video and Voice Conferencing

(d) Search Engine

(e) Clients and Servers[Marks: 8*2]

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