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University of Rajasthan 2007 B.B.A (PART 2 ) , 2008 - Question Paper

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B.B.A(Pt II)
18 Mkt.Manag.II
B.B.A (Parat II) EXAMINATION, 2008
(Faculty of Commerce)
(10+2+3 Pattern)

2nd Paper


Time:Three Hour

Maximum Marks:100

Attemp 5 ques. in all.

ques. Nos. one and 2are compulsory.

1. ans every of the subsequent ques. in 50 words.

every ques. carries two marks

Q.1 What do you mean by 'marketing concept' ?
Q.2 describe product mix.
Q.3 describe product policy.
Q.4 What do you meanby product planning ?
Q.5 What do you mean by advertising ?
Q.6 describe sales promotion .
Q.7 describe distribution channels .
Q.8 What do you mean by 'retailer' ?
Q.9 What is physical distribution.
Q.10 What is selling ?

2. ans the subsequent ques. in 100 words. every ques. carries four marks.

Q.1 What is the distribution ranging from marketing and selling ?
Q.2 Write a short note on 'marketing strategy'.
Q.3 Write criteria for market segementation.
Q.4 Write factors affecting product life cycle in short.
Q.5 Write a short note on saleamanship.

ans any 3 ques..

every ques. carries 20 marks.

Q.3 Define 'Marketing Management'. explain the functions ( 5+15 )
of marketing mangement.
Q.4 How is pricing policy formulated ? discuss the different methode of pricing a new product. ( 5+15 )
Q.5 What do you mean by 'Buyer Behaviour' ? discuss its different theories. ( 5+15 )
Q.6 Discuss the challenges of rural marketing in India. ( 20 )
Q.7 What do you understand by 'personal selling' ? discuss the selling process
in detail. ( 5+15 )

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