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University of Mumbai 2006 B.A Economics EXPORT KETING omber - Question Paper

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Octomber 2006
Time: three HoursMarks: 100
All ques. are compulsory.
Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q.1(a) discuss in brief (any four):- eight
(1) State any 4 difficulties faced by Indian exporter.
(2) What is brand piracy?
(3) What is "Deemed Exports"?
(4) What is Export House?.
(5) What is "negative list of exports".
(6) What do you mean by 3 faced competition?
(7) What is counter/buy back trade?
(8) What do you mean by service exports?
(b) State with reasons, whether the subsequent statements are actual or false (any three):- six
(i) Gains in International market are equally shared by all countries in the world.
(ii) Procedural complexities is still treated as major barrier in export marketing.
(iii) WTO has changed UNCTAD.
(iv) Indirect exporting is suitable for small exporting firms.
(v) Cottage and Handicraft sector is provided special status in 2002-07 Exim policy.
(vi) Dumping refers to free sale of goods in foreign market.
Q.2 ans any 3 from the following:- 18
(a) describe "Export Marketing" and discuss the features of export marketing.
(b) Critically evaluate the direction of India's export trade since 1995.
(c) describe "Trade Barriers" and discuss diffrent kinds of "Tariff Barriers".
(d) explain in brief the provisions of "TRIPS and TRIM's" clauses of WTO.
(e) Write a note on "European Union"(EU).
(f) Distinguish ranging from "Domestic Marketing and International marketing".
Q.3 ans any 3 from the following:- 18
(a) discuss diffrent channels of distribution available in export marketing.
(b) elaborate the diffrent factors to be considered while selecting the product in overseas market?.
(c) explain the role of STC in export promotion.
(d) Highlight the prominent features of India's Foreign Trade Policy: [FTP] 2004 -2009.
(e) describe 'Branding'. discuss various branding strategies available to exporter.
(f) Write a. note on 'Product Life Cycle'.
part II
Q.4(a) ans in brief (any four):- eight
i. What is break-even point in export pricing?
ii. What is skimming pricing strategy?
iii. State any 4 functions of RBI.
iv. What is Certificate of Origin?
v. State any 2 methods of Pre-shipment Inspection.
vi. What facilities are offered in Red clause L/C and Green clause L/C?
vii. Why marine insurance cover is necessary in export marketing?
viii. What is a role of Customs appraiser in shipment stage?
(b) provide full forms of the subsequent abbreviations: – six
ii. FICCI.
iii. EPCG
iv. FEMA.
vi. ADB.
Q.5 ans any 3 from the following:- 18
(a) elaborate the objectives of pricing?
(b) Distinguish ranging from "Pre-shipment and Post-shipment Finance".
(c) State and discuss different specific policies of ECGC that cover export risks.
(d) explain the Forfeiting Scheme of EXIM Bank.
(e) describe Letter of Credit and explain the parties to L/C.
(f) discuss the registration procedure involved in export marketing
Q.6 ans any 3 from the following:– 18
(a) What is Proforma Invoice? How does it differ from commercial invoice?
(b) discuss the importance of subsequent documents: (i) Mate's receipt. (ii) Bill of Lading.
(c) explain any 6 incentives available to Indian exporter.
(d) Briefly discuss the functions of ITPO.
(e) explain the role of subsequent organisations in export promotion.(i)FIEO(ii)EHTP
(f) From the subsequent data compute NET FOB price in US $:-
Ex Factory Cost Rs. 1,00,000.00
Labour Cost Rs. 10,000.00
Packing Cost Rs. 12,000.00
Transportation Rs. 8,000.00
Profit 10% of FOB Cost
DBK 10% of FOB Price
Conversion Rate 1$ = Rs. 45

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