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University of Mumbai 2006 B.A Economics Management

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March 2006
Time: three HoursMarks: 100
All ques. are compulsory.
Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Answers to the 2 parts should be written in the identical answer-book.
part I
Q.1 ans in brief any 6 of the subsequent questions:- 12
(a) Co-ordination
(b) M.B.O.
(c) Brain storming Technique
(d) Motion Study
(e) Span of Management
(f) Induction Training
(g) Job description and Job specification
(h) Matrix Organization
(i) Performance Appraisal
Q.2 ans any 4 the subsequent questions:- 20
(a) describe Management and discuss any 5 principles of Management.
(b) Briefly discuss 4 advantages and 4 limitations of planning.
(c) What is decision making? elaborate the steps in decision making process?
(d) Distinguish ranging from Formal and Informal organization.
(e) What is Delegation of Authority? Why is it necessary?
(f) What is 'Line and Staff' organization? Suggest any 6 measures to resolve the conflicts ranging from 'Line and Staff'?
(g) describe controlling and discuss any 2 control Techniques. Q.3 ans any 3 of the subsequent questions:- 18
(a) What is staffing? discuss the factors affecting staffing.
(b) What do you mean by recruitment? discuss the external sources of recruitment of Managerial Personnel.
(c) What is Training and Development? elaborate Off-The-Job Methods of Training?
(d) discuss 'Theory X' and 'Theory Y' of motivation.
(e) describe leadership. discuss any 5 leadership styles.
(f) elaborate the managerial functions in Multinational Corporation?
Q.3 Write short notes on any 3 of the following:- 18
(a) Human Relations movement
(b) Premising and Forecasting
(c) Bases of departrnentation
(d) Human Resource Accounting
(e) Limitations of Performance Appraisal
(f) kinds of Employment tests
part II
Q.4 ans in brief any 6 of the subsequent questions:- 12
(a) Production Planning
(b) Productivity
(c) Quality Circle
(d) Product design
(e) Work study
(f) Statistical Quality Control
(g) Inventory
(h) Re-order Point?
(i) JIT Technique Q.5 ans any 4 of the subsequent questions:- 20
(a) What do you mean by 'Production Management'? discuss its importance.
(b) discuss Batch Production, Mass Production and Process Production with examples.
(c) Suggest measures for improving industrial Productivity.
(d) discuss the difficulties in measuring industrial Productivity.
(e) elaborate the characteristics of a good Product design?
(f) What do you mean by 'Flexible Manufacturing System'? elaborate the issues with FMS?
(g) discuss the factors affecting selection of suitable plant location.
Q.6 ans in brief any 6 of the subsequent questions:- 18
(a) What do you understand by Production Standards? elaborate the uses of Production Standards?
(b) discuss the objectives of work measurement
(c) What is Total Quality Management? elaborate the issues in effective implementation of TQM in India ?
(d) Write notes on 'Quality Control'.
(e) What is Material Planning? Why is it necessary?
(f) elaborate the objectives of Inventory Control?
Q.6 Write short notes on any 3 of the subsequent :- 18
(a) Productivity movement in India
(b) Quality Assurance
(c) Routing and scheduling
(d) ISO 9000
(e) Inventory Costs
(f) MRP as a scheduling and ordering system.

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